'Heroes: Villains' Is Over - What Did You Think?

So it's finally over - This half season of Heroes has been hotly debated over the past few months... It started off with a bang but then seemed to quickly spiral into confusion and convoluted plots and character motivations. However by the end of the arc it seemed to find its footing again and I thought it came to a pretty satisfying conclusion.

The series will return in February with yet another chapter: Heroes: Fugitives, and it looks like Nathan Petrelli has turned into a major schmuck. I'm hoping they back off of the whole time travel/save the future thing and just deal with the here and now (and that's what it's looking like they're going to do).

So anyway, I thought I'd throw up this post to discuss the Villains arc now that it's done and to speculate about the upcoming Fugitives plot. I'm assuming anyone commenting here has seen the entire season, so there WILL be spoilers below!

Have at it!

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