Which 'Heroes' Star Wants To Bail?

It's no secret that Heroes has been shaky ever since the extremely disappointing season 2. Because of the writers strike, that season was cut down to about half of what was originally intended and as a result it felt rushed and very underwhelming (although not all bad - there were certain things I liked).

And even though season 3 was a vast improvement, it still didn't measure up to the fantastic first season. They've gotten carried away with the time travel thing, in my opinion, and made it overly complicated when it really doesn't need to be. To be honest I don't watch out of pure enjoyment as I used, I just tune in to "see what happens," as they say.

Well news (which is unconfirmed, so please take this with a grain of salt) has come out that a certain unnamed cast member wants their contract to end even before the conclusion of this season, citing part of the reason as a "lack of screen time."

But who could it be?

The actor is described as:

  • Someone who has been part of the show since the first season.
  • Has more name recognition than most other cast members.
  • Has had a lack of screen time this season.
  • And, most interestingly, is said to be someone who could return even if the character is killed off.

The last item is presumably to cover their butts if the actor leaving backfires on the show. For most other other shows that last clue would easily lead us to who it is, but because of the whole time travel thing with Heroes that piece of info leaves us none the wiser.

To hazard a guess as to who this mystery person is, I think it's Ali Larter, who used to play Niki/Jessica Sanders but now plays Tracy Strauss. She fits the bill: She has been in the show since the start, has had lack of screen time this season, she certainly has more name recognition than most other cast members and could possibly return as a different character (perhaps another sister to Niki, Jessica and Tracy?) even if the one she plays currently is killed off.

Speaking of which, NBC hasn't yet decided to if they're going to allow the unnamed actor to be released from their contract... but presumably as preparation, a death scene has been written for "someone" towards the end of the upcoming "Fugitives" half-season.

As far as other possibilities - I really can't think who else it could be. Yes, the most obvious choice is Zachary Quinto (due to his burgeoning fame as the new Spock), but it seems to me he's had a fair share of screen time this season. Then we have Hayden Panettiere (who plays Claire) and Masi Oka (who plays Hiro) are just too important to the show and people like Jack Coleman (who plays Mr Bennett), Greg Grunberg (who plays Matt) and Adrian Pasdar (who plays Nathan) all have had plenty of screen time this season. For me the logical person, again considering this news is true, is Ali Larter.

But who do you think could be the mystery star who wants out of the show?

Heroes "Fugitives" starts February 2nd this year.

Source: SyFyPortal

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