Heroes Season One Finale

So Season 1 of Heroes is finally over and it pains me to say this, but I didn't love the finale. I just thought it was "OK."

Especially following on the heels of the previous episode, which was amazing, the final episode titled How to Stop an Exploding Man just seemed a bit anti-climactic to me. Maybe it was because there was such a huge sense of anticipation and excitement leading into it, that the episode could not meet expectations.

The episode opened with a little bit of a rewind, showing us the critical moments from the previous week's episode: DL being shot, and then killing Linderman, Mohinder and Bennet facing each other down over the possible killing of Molly along with an overview going back quite a way over the entire season. The episode starts off strong with Peter discovering he's acquired yet another new power, Hiro finally accepting his destiny and illusion-chick getting her butt kicked. We also meet the man that Peter was caring for at the beginning of the season and discover that he is also a part of the conspiracy to let New York City be devasted by a nuclear explosion.

There are many good character moments during the episode, but towards the last 15 minutes or so I'm not sure what happened... sure, there were still cool moments, like when Sylar stopped the bullets and sent them flying back at Parkman and Niki knocking the wind out of Sylar, yet something that I can't put my finger on left me feeling kind of empty at the end of the episode. For one thing I didn't like the massive fate/coincidence factor that brought ALL the remaining super-powered characters to that one location at the critical moment. And then we have Peter trying to defeat Sylar by repeatedly punching him in the face... Did anyone else think that was kind of a silly way to defeat the deadly threat that Syler represented? Beat him up?

Also, Molly being the only one that can stop Sylar was way overstated. So she was able to find him on a map... big deal. Everyone else ended up finding him without her help at the end of the episode.

And then there's Hiro... don't get me wrong, Hiro is by FAR my favorite character on the show, but in view of previous encounters between Sylar and the others, how in the heck was Hiro able to stab Sylar? I mean minutes before, while distracted, Sylar was able to stop bullets fired from a gun, and now he can't stop a little Asian guy running at him and yelling from 10 feet away??? Hiro didn't even use his time shifting ability and he is able to stab Sylar like this. I've watched the scene a few times and there was no indication of Hiro freezing time.

Right there the episode lost me.

I did like the self-sacrifice that was required to save the city and the fact that we finally find out why saving the cheerleader saves the world.

Overall though, for me, not as satisfying an ending to what has been an incredible season.


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