Can Heroes Redeem Itself From a Ratings Landslide?

The fifth volume (fourth season) of Heroes, entitled "Redemption," continues tonight - but will you be watching? Do you even care anymore? Our Heroes season premiere review and subsequent discussion forum revealed that many of our readers felt that the latest installment of the show started out with at least SOME potential - a few even said that the show had gone back to the sort of basics they loved from the first season.

Well, those readers represent a minority opinion, because Heroes: Redemption pulled in a measly 6 million viewers, WAY down from its season one heyday, when Heroes was pulling in 16 million fans a week. OUCH.

Right about now, that whole "Redemption" title is sounding more like an ironic joke than anything.

I won't hammer the point home (see my Heroes: Redemption premiere review for that), but this season of Heroes, IMHO, is still making a lot of the same missteps that started with Volume Two: Generations, the biggest of which is retaining the core cast at the expense of viewer interest and storytelling opportunity. There need to be more deaths and new characters/villains introduced. Sure, fans love Zachary Quinto as Sylar - but how many times are we gonna watch the beloved villain die only to not die, turn good only to eventually go back to evil, and hunt down other powered beings to steal their gifts before it all feels pointless and repetitive?

Oh, wait, we may be at that point already...

Guess we'll see whether or not the viewers can be lured back as the new season of Heroes progresses. I'm skeptical - just as skeptical as I am that this show will survive past this season. Hope I'm wrong (for the sake of future superhero shows) but... I'm not hopeful.

What do you think about Heroes: Redemption? Are the low ratings deserved, or should fans stick with show?

Heroes will be on NBC Mondays @ 8/7c

Source: Sci Fi Wire

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