'Heroes' to Return For Season 5 on Xbox?

Heroes burst into our consciousness like a flash of lightning, spitting out catchphrases and tie-in products overnight as it rode a wave of critical praise and fan support to high ratings and higher expectations in its first season. Sadly, all of that washed away as the show crashed to earth shortly thereafter, leaving the airwaves following the season 4 finale - but now, Heroes may be returning in a slightly unconventional way, with MSN looking at the show as a possible part of their push to deliver original programming via the Xbox game console.

According to TV Line, details are "sketchy" but if made official, Heroes would feature "new stories and heroes, while mixing in cameos from the original series’ cast."

That original cast has -- for the most part -- stayed active in the 3 years since Heroes left the air -- particularly Zachary Quinto (American Horror Story, Star Trek Into Darkness) and Hayden Panettiere (Nashville) -- prompting questions about how willing they would be to revisit their old stomping grounds.

Though rumors had sparked following the show's cancellation about a TV movie to tie up loose ends, little has been said of late about going back to the world that Tim Kring created and Bryan Fuller helped build. Of course, the question on everyone's mind is: what would that world look like if this miraculously comes to pass?

It's not known whether Kring or Fuller would come back to a role with the show either, since Kring is presently working on Touch for Fox and Fuller is running NBC's Hannibal.

Now, while many hardcore fans might bristle at the notion of a Heroes continuation without many of the key players from its initial run - one has to wonder if that might be for the best.

Sure, there is a pang of nostalgia that comes with hearing this news, but it's also important to remember the whole picture here, and that includes the behind the scenes power struggles and what was perceived to be a creative collapse that soured critics and turned fans apathetic. Hell, Kring even apologized to fans for the show's strike-shortened second season.

Despite its many failings, though, Heroes was spectacular when everything was fresh and new and the show doubtlessly accomplished a feat long thought impossible - they made a TV show that captured the splendor of superheroes and comic books without the weight of precious legacies and an adherence to canon. That's a mechanical rabbit that networks are still chasing around the track, but this Heroes (assuming it actually happens) could re-find that magic - if they try to be fresh and new again by focusing on the deeper Heroes mythology and new characters without a care for the show's own precious legacy or an adherence to its thorny canon.

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Keep an eye on Screen Rant for any future updates on the possible Heroes comeback.

Source: TV Line

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