Heroes Season 2: More And Scarier Villains

According to Heroes series creator and producer Tim Kring, season two will have an even scarier villain than Sylar, if you can believe that. In season one, Zachary Quinto played the soft spoken but uber-creepy villain who absorbed the powers of other "supers" by basically opening up their skulls via telekinesis.

At the end of last season a little girl named Molly was introduced on the show, who has the power to located people with abilities just by thinking about them. It was revealed that she was having nightmares about a very scary man, and it wasn't Sylar. In fact the guy in her dreams was supposed to be a much scarier dude than our skull-opening baddie.

Both new villains are supposed to be scarier than Sylar, but no details were given on who the second one would be.

Although the finale of season one was somewhat of a disappointment when compared to the rest of the year, I'm still looking forward to a new season and seeing where they take the show and characters.

Season two of Heroes begins on September 24th.

Source: SciFiWire via CBR News

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