Heroes Reborn: Zachary Levi Only Signed On For One Season

At a recent press event, Heroes Reborn star Zachary Levi discussed the series, saying he is only signed on for one season.

Zachary Levi

On September 24th, NBC will premiere the next big television revival with Heroes Reborn. Although the series features several returning characters, many new ones will enter the fold as well. And one of those new members is played by former Chuck actor Zachary Levi.

Levi's presence is certainly a selling point for the target audience of Heroes Reborn. In addition to his aforementioned role on NBC's Chuck, he appeared in Marvel's Thor: The Dark World as Fandral, adding to his clout when it comes to working on genre projects. With Heroes Reborn currently slated to be a "limited-event" series, the question now is whether or not the actor would be open, or even asked, to return to his role as Evo-hunter Luke Collins, should there be another season.

At a recent press event in Los Angeles, Levi discussed Heroes Reborn, his future on the series, and whether or not a second season will ever be in the works:

"I'm sure there's conversations going on with the powers that be about if, in success, they want to do more seasons. That's above my pay grade. As far as I know, I'm just doing one right now."

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This makes sense. While the series is a big deal, it’s also a big risk. The last thing the network wants to do is lock cast and crew into a multi-year deal when there’s no promise the show will be a success. In addition, Levi is probably going to be the last person to know on the matter. Even if NBC wants to go beyond the initial order, there is still the matter of Tim Kring coming up with a story worthy of such a continuation.

On the other hand, if the network orders more Heroes, it’s also possible that it will bring in an entirely new cast of characters. One of Kring's original plans for the show was to rotate the cast every season. Now that anthology series have taken off on networks like HBO, FX, and ABC, it would seem the creator of Heroes was just a few years early with his idea. Through this new opportunity, Kring has a chance to operate the show how he always wanted, and that could mean Levi’s one-and-done statement could be true with or without a new season order. At this stage, there are simply too many unknown variables to make a call in any real sense.

Heroes Reborn premieres this Thursday, Sept. 24th at 8/7c on NBC.

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