'Heroes Reborn' Trailer: New Heroes, Same Old Hiro

Heroes Reborn is the miniseries revival of Tim Kring's cult-hit TV series from the mid-2000s - a groundbreaking show that helped usher in the era of superhero universes that now rule TV and movies. With Reborn come a lot of fan hopes that the mistakes of the original series (too circular in storytelling, diminishing quality with each season) will be improved upon, and that time and circumstances have changed enough to offer viewers a full-fledged superhero show, rather than "grounded approach" that Heroes initially selected as its angle of attack.

Judging by the full Heroes Reborn trailer seen above, it seems that at least the latter point won't be something fans have to worry about, because this definitely looks like the next level of the Heroes saga, rather than a repeat of what we saw before.

In the trailer we have the familiar face of H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) as our through line between past and present; we then catch glimpses of the new agent played by Chuck star Zachary Levi, and new superpowered individuals from across the world, played by the likes of Ryan Guzman (The Boy Next Door), Kiki Sukezane (The Yokai King), Robbie Kay (OUAT), among others. Finally, things climax with the revelation of Masi Oka's Hiro Nakamura making a triumphant reappearance, looking every bit the full-fledged (and aged) teleporting warrior he was destined to be.

Heroes Reborn Official Full Trailer - Hiro (Masi Oka)

In short, it's a good mix of old and new for longtime fans and newcomers alike.

Speaking of the old: we know that other returning characters include Jimmy Jean-Louis as "The Haitian," Greg Grunberg back as psychic cop Matt Parkman, Christine Rose's precog matriarch, Angela Petrelli and a guest appearance by Sendhil Ramamurthy's Dr. Mohinder Suresh. There are hints that other established characters/actors could also potentially pop up (Peter Petrelli?), but even if they don't, it seems the "new school" of heroes will be even more dynamic and confident with the use of the powers. That was something the original series had trouble establishing: heroes (or villains) who had expertise in using their powers, in order to create some great action sequences. With TV now populated by shows like Arrow, The Flash, Daredevil and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the superhero action of Heroes Reborn is going to need to be a step up from its predecessor, if it hopes to keep pace.

Heroes Reborn - Where are the Heroes? Graffitti

Thematically, the story seems to be on the right foot - back in the same sort of zone where Kring started. The original show built itself up from a grounded foundation - one built on ideas of destiny, hope, and human evolution that were exciting concepts in those still-early years of the new millennium. Obviously this is a different time and place we find ourselves in now, but Heroes Reborn seems to have recaptured that potent thematic thread, this time twisting it around a darker, more cynical world, in which people are seemingly looking to extraordinary people to once-again bring them much-needed hope. If the storyline is anything like upcoming Marvel (Captain America 3) or DC (Batman V Superman) movies, the question of whether those supepowered beings are saviors or threats  should keep things on Heroes Reborn thematically interesting and engaging for the (arguably oversaturated) superhero fan crowd.

Heroes Reborn will air 13 episodes starting on Thursdays, this fall, on NBC.

Source: NBC Universal.

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