New 'Heroes Reborn' Trailer Teases The Return of Hiro

Heroes Reborn  is the forthcoming thirteen-episode, prime time TV event from NBC that will see the continuation of its superhero drama that was previously cancelled in 2010 (after four seasons on the air). The new slate of episodes will essentially serve as the tenth season of the series, following the events last seen in real time and thus, circumnavigating any issues presented in explaining the advancement of years biologically noticeable in many of its returning lead actors.

Based on an extended Heroes Reborn trailer already released at Comic Con 2015, NBC is apparently gearing up for a return to the high-taut realism that brought the world of superheroes to a TV audience - one that might not have otherwise gone to the theater to see the latest super-powered crusaders vault across the big screen. For many, the appeal of Heroes came in its sustained development of key and central characters, episode-to-episode and season-to-season, which thankfully continues to appear to be the case.

In the new featured trailer above, returning vigilante Hiro Nakamura (played by returning Heroes actor Masi Oka) is featured prominently in the last few frames, asking his presumed antagonist if he is surprised to see him, before lashing out with his long-favored ancestral blade and weapon of choice. Other characters are also featured prominently, including Zachary Levi as the mysterious new character Luke Collins, Sendhil Ramamurthy back in his role as Dr. Mohinder Suresh, and Greg Grunberg returning as telepathic cop Matt Parkman.

Given Hiro's handsome, roguish looking black suit featured in the latest footage released from NBC, it's likely that everyone's favorite teleporting warrior has been up to some fantastic feats in the five years since we last saw him. It's unclear just what he's been up to, but it appears as though he has definitely made a few enemies in the process.

Heroes Reborn Trailer


Come September 2015, viewers new and old should be in for a welcome return to a series that was so abruptly cancelled in the midst of its narrative action. While many fans became disenchanted with the show after the first and second seasons, NBC is obviously primed to breathe new life into the series for its unprecedented tenth season, offering plenty of reason to tune for the show's revitalizing return.

Even if you stopped watching the show after the conclusion of its stellar and spectacularly concieved first season finale, you have to admit that a part of you might still be interested in finding out what kind of hero Hiro has become since the finale of the show's premiere series (way back in 2007) - among other things.

Heroes Reborn will debut on NBC on Thursday, September 24th, 2015 at 8/7c.

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