Heroes Reborn Featurette Provides New Plot & Character Details

Of all the upcoming reboots and revisits to past television hits, Heroes Reborn may be one of the most deserving. After all, Heroes - once a red-hot hit for NBC - lost its way during the latter half of its four-season run and never received a proper send-off (nor, most would agree, did it conclude on a strong note).

Now Heroes creator Tim Kring is bringing super-powered characters new and old back to the small screen (including fan-favorite Masi Oka), for a story that picks up in the Heroes universe in real time. In fact, King has made it known that he and the creative team behind Heroes Reborn approached the series revival as season 10 of the original Heroes series narrative.

NBC has now released a new Heroes Reborn featurette for the show that gives fans a better idea of the larger themes and narrative arc of the upcoming mini-series; included as part of the package are brief appearances and interviews with both new and returning cast members for the Heroes franchise. In particular, the footage highlights the introduction of the mysterious Luke Collins (played by Chuck alum Zachary Levi), who appears to be hunting down the various super-powered individuals of this world - and may serve as the primary antagonist of this new series.

Heroes Reborn characters

The concept of a world divided by the perception of superheroes as either threats or saviors isn't exactly novel. In fact, most depictions of superhero properties have touched on humanity's mistrust of powered individuals; that will also serve as the central theme of both Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War in 2016. However, for the world of Heroes, it marks a natural progression and certainly opens the doors to a ton of new story possibilities for the show's human characters (super-powered and non-powered alike).

Moreover, Heroes Reborn aims to hew closely to the original series' focus on self-discovery. As Oka himself declares, a big part of the returning characters role here will be devoted to a "passing of the torch", wherein the established heroes can help mentor the next generation of "EVOs" and protect them from extermination. Whether Heroes Reborn becomes as big a hit as its predecessor or not, it does appear that Kring and his team are making a concerted effort to return the show to its former glory.

Heroes Reborn will debut on Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 8pm on NBC.

Source: NBC

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