'Heroes Reborn' Gets A Poster & Official Fall Premiere Date

Heroes Reborn Official Logo

NBC's Heroes is one of those rare TV shows that never managed to live up to its first season. The show (when it premiered in 2006) started out as one-of-a-kind television that presented the audience with a new kind of superhero series - one that delved into a much darker and more realistic world than audiences had seen yet from the genre. With characters whose power sets ranged from heroic to downright villainous, the series managed to engage its viewers and bring them along on a tense ride - one that concluded its freshman season in an interesting and surprising manner.

However, the series' quality and overall storytelling continued to decrease in its subsequent seasons, and managed to leave fans with a much more sour taste in their mouths than any critics could have predicted. Now, NBC is planning on bringing the world back to the small screen in a 13-episode revival series, called Heroes Reborn that will follow an entirely new story, with a cast combined of both new and returning characters.

Not much is known about the plot or story for Heroes Reborn yet, but it seems to revolve around a whole new batch of children gifted with different kinds of powers. The series will also star Zachary Levi, Dylan Bruce, Jack Coleman, Greg Grunberg, Cristine Rose, Masi Oka, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Jimmy Jean-Louis, and more.

NBC has unveiled a new poster for the series earlier today, along with revealing that Heroes Reborn's official premiere date will be on Thursday, September 24th, 2015. Check out the official poster for the show (which features the same ice cold landscape backdrop as the teaser trailer from earlier this year), below:

Heroes Reborn Official Poster

When Heroes premiered nearly a decade ago, it really was the first of its kind for the small screen. Other superhero shows had never quite managed to hold onto viewership for long (Smallville being one of the few exceptions), but Heroes presented the viewers with a unique and interesting world that they had never seen before. Nowadays, darker superhero shows can be seen appearing in both movies and television by the dozen - so it'll be interesting to see if Heroes Reborn will be able to thrive as a unique addition to an already crowded genre, or if it will fall underneath the weight of better alternatives.

Right now, the series has managed to compile a solid cast of actors, and a lot regarding the series remains a mystery for now. However, if one's thing for certain, it's that Heroes Reborn has a lot to prove to audiences when it premieres later this year.

Heroes Reborn debuts on NBC this year on Thursday, September 24th.

Source: NBC

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