'Heroes Reborn' & 'The Muppets' Posters: Old Friends Return To TV

New Heroes Reborn and Muppets Posters

A number of television series brands are going to be revived and/or rebooted, starting during the 2015-216 TV season. NBC, in lieu of a superhero/comic book series adaptation to call its own (sorry, Constantine fans), is bringing back the 2000s superheroes program Heroes with the limited series Heroes Reborn. Meanwhile, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and the rest of their friends are headed back to the small screen on ABC with the new series The Muppets.

Heroes Reborn will take viewers back to the small screen world created by Tim Kring in the mid-2000s, albeit in the present-day, where people with extraordinary abilities have now largely gone into hiding, under the fear of being hunted down or persecuted by governmental forces (for political reasons). Soon enough, though, a fresh apocalyptic threat emerges and it's up to a new generation "evolved humans" of the world, along with the (still-living experienced) heroes and their allies such as Noah Bennet a.k.a. Horn-Rimmed Glasses (Jack Coleman), to save the day.

You can check out the latest Heroes Reborn poster below (via TV Line), with the main cast featured front and center.

Heroes Reborn Cast Poster

Kring has revealed that Heroes Reborn picks up five years following the events of the Heroes TV show, albeit in a darker and more fantastical setting than the original grounded backdrop presented when the Heroes universe was first introduced. The Heroes Reborn extended trailer likewise indicates that this new program will attempt to create a more expansive mythology too (in order to keep up in the current superhero TV show landscape), with a cast that includes several returning Heroes cast members along with series newcomers like Zachary Levi (Chuck), Danika Yarosh (Shameless), Robbie Kay (Once Upon a Time), and Judith Shekoni (Breaking Dawn – Part 2), among others.

Moving on - check out the new Muppets character posters (via Yahoo!), below:

The Muppets TV show Poster
The Muppets Poster - Kermit
The Muppets Poster - Miss Piggy
The Muppets Poster - Fozzie
The Muppets Poster - Gonzo

The Muppets aims to tap into the modern zeitgeist (in 2015), by following the experiences of the eponymous characters as (in a fittingly Muppet-y self-referential comedy twist) they launch a new ABC TV series. ABC's trailer for The Muppets is composed of footage taken from the original video pitch by Bob Kushnell (The Simpsons) and Bill Prady (The Big Bang Theory), which sets the stage for a TV show that can best be summarized as 30 Rock meets an Office-style mockumentary, starring the Muppets. That same 'adult' style of humor (which is still relatively family-friendly on the whole) is also reflected in these Muppets one-sheets.

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The Muppets debuts on September 22nd, 2015 at 8/7c on ABC. Heroes Reborn premieres September 24th, 2015 at 8/7c on NBC.

Source: TV Line, Yahoo!

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