'Heroes Reborn' Bringing Back Greg Grunberg's Matt Parkman

Heroes Reborn Matt Parkman Cameo (Greg Grunberg)

NBC's Heroes Reborn is bringing back the once-popular superhero drama for a miniseries revival, which means that several of the series' prominent characters have also been slated for return appearances.

HRG, Hiro, and The Haitian are all confirmed as returning, and today we word that another one of the original Heroes will be coming back for Reborn.

EW reports that actor Greg Grunberg has been (re)cast in Heroes Reborn as Matt Parkman, the cop who had his telepathic powers awaken at the start of the series, and fought for the good guys throughout. Word is that Grunberg will appear in a "guest arc," which suggests more of a fan-service appearance than a major pivotal role in the miniseries' story. Still, if you were a serious fan of Heroes (like me), then it's a nice addition to the miniseries.

Last we saw Parkman, he had been struggling with residual traces of the superpowered serial killer Sylar in his mind, after mind-wiping the villain so that he could take the deceased Nathan Petrelli's place. In order to defeat Samuel and his Carnival of super-freaks, Matt was forced to let Sylar loose from mental imprisonment; at the end of it all, Parkman was seemingly free to settle down with his wife Janice and their family. Given Parkman's complicated history with his abilities (his telepathy felt more like an addiction than anything), it remains to be seen how we find him at the start of Reborn (experienced psychic, or man still hiding his true potential).

Grunberg hasn't lacked for projects in the years since Heroes. Besides some generally steady work, he's had major recurring roles on The Client List and Masters of Sex - and is listed for an appearance in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens. So again, Heroes Reborn is more fan service nicety, than required gig.

Heroes Reborn will air Thursdays @8pm on NBC this fall.

Source: EW

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