'Heroes' Reborn: The Man with the Horn Rimmed Glasses Returning

Jack Coleman - who played the man with the horn rimmed glasses - will return for NBC’s ‘Heroes: Reborn’ miniseries.

Heroes Reborn Jack Coleman

When it was first announced that NBC’s Heroes would be returning to television in 2015 in the form of a 13-episode miniseries titled Heroes: Reborn, the news was met with understandably mixed reactions. Though the series garnered a devoted fanbase and positive critical reception through its first season, the show fell off over the following three seasons and was canceled after its fourth.

The plot of Heroes: Reborn has been kept tightly under wraps, but NBC’s original announcement made it clear that series creator Tim Kring will be introducing a whole new cast of characters and original storylines, with help from a prequel webseries. However, NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke did tease the possibility of returning faces, the first of which has been confirmed.

Deadline is reporting that Jack Coleman, who played Noah Bennet (also known as the Man in the Horn-Rimmed Glasses), is the first Heroes alum to return for Heroes: Reborn. In his time since Heroes, Coleman has appeared in many TV series including The Vampire Diaries, The Office, Burn Notice, Scandal, and most recently on Castle - alongside another cult-favorite sci-fi series actor, Nathan Fillion (Firefly).

Coleman will be reprising his role as HRG, father of Claire Bennet (played by Hayden Panettiere, who is currently starring on ABC’s Nashville) and a former agent with the Company. Though HRG was promoted from recurring character to series regular midway through the first season due to his popularity among fans, it’s unclear to what extent Coleman and his character will appear in Heroes: Reborn.

Heroes Reborn Jack Coleman Horn Rimmed Glasses

In addition to Coleman, Deadline says that a few of the original series stars have been approached, though Zachary Quinto (who played Sylar) and Milo Ventimiglia (who played Peter) are rumored to not be available for Heroes: Reborn.

It’s still far too early to predict whether Heroes: Reborn will return the series to its original glory or fall in line with the less well-received seasons. But with Kring at the helm and fan-favorite Coleman on board, the Heroes reboot may be on the right track to please both fans and critics. Let's hope so, anyway.


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Source: Deadline

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