One of things that initially helped NBC’s Heroes conquer the stigma of being a comic book TV show (read: kitschy) was the presence of an ominous unseen threat: a serial killer known only as “Sylar,” who used telekinetic abilities to saw the heads off innocent super-powered individuals, in order to literally steal the secret of their power from their brains.

Star Trek star Zachary Quinto eventually brought the Sylar character into better focus, before the show arguably wore out his welcome, mining continuous resurrections and role-reversals to justify keeping the character around. In fact, Heroes and Sylar are so entwined that fans have naturally been wondering if the villain was returning in the upcoming Heroes: Reborn miniseries.

Thanks to Buzzfeed‘s Kate Arthur, we can apparently cross Sylar off the list of those Heroes about to be Reborn:

Heroes Reborn has already-confirmed alumni like Jack Coleman’s H.R.G. coming back for the new miniseries (which will also be run by series creator Tim Kring); however, more prominent series regulars like Ali Larter aren’t returning, while others like Hayden Panettiere, Milo Ventimiglia or Masi Oka are still (questionable? Doubtful?).

Recently, former Chuck star Zach Levi was cast in Heroes: Reborn and we asked the question whether or not he could possibly play the series’ new antagonist (superpowered or otherwise). The logic was that such a role would be a nice change of pace for Levi (who usually has a lovable friendly onscreen persona), while still carrying echoes of the original Sylar character. Sort of a Zach-for-Zach tradeoff.

Heroes Reborn Cast 620x320 Heroes Reborn: Zachary Quintos Sylar Officially NOT Returning

Details on Heroes: Reborn are currently so few that we still have a lot of cast alumni to confirm as returning (or not) before we even get into what storyline Kring and co. have planned for the miniseries. A prequel Webseries is also in the works; hopefully it will give us a strong foundation to build from, while still holding back a mystery or two for the actual show. Heroes’ first season coasted on a nice wave of mystery and cliffhangers to keep things thrilling, and fans likely want a return to that form in this new miniseries.

The Heroes: Reborn 13-episode miniseries (and its online prequel) will debut sometime in 2015. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: Kate Arthur of Buzzfeed

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