'Heroes Reborn': Zachary Quinto's Sylar Officially NOT Returning

Heroes Reborn Zachary Quinto Sylar

One of things that initially helped NBC's Heroes conquer the stigma of being a comic book TV show (read: kitschy) was the presence of an ominous unseen threat: a serial killer known only as "Sylar," who used telekinetic abilities to saw the heads off innocent super-powered individuals, in order to literally steal the secret of their power from their brains.

Star Trek star Zachary Quinto eventually brought the Sylar character into better focus, before the show arguably wore out his welcome, mining continuous resurrections and role-reversals to justify keeping the character around. In fact, Heroes and Sylar are so entwined that fans have naturally been wondering if the villain was returning in the upcoming Heroes: Reborn miniseries.

Thanks to Buzzfeed's Kate Arthur, we can apparently cross Sylar off the list of those Heroes about to be Reborn:

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