'Heroes Reborn': Jimmy Jean-Louis to Reprise as The Haitian

NBC's Heroes was an immediate hit when its first season debuted. Audiences had never seen anything like it at that time - an original superhero show on TV that was good? People went crazy for it. Unfortunately, the series' quality began to decrease over the following three seasons - until, eventually, the fan base that the series had collected was gone and Heroes looked to be done for good.

Then NBC announced their plan for a 13-episode miniseries continuing the story from the original show called Heroes Reborn - to mixed reaction from fans. On one hand, there were those excited to return to the show's universe again, but there are also those out there skeptical of the quality they should expect. However, the addition of Zachary Levi to the cast as well as the confirmation of fan-favorites Jack Coleman and Masi Oka returning could be enough motivation for even the most skeptical of fans to check it out.

Deadline has reported today that fans can expect to see yet another character from the original series in this new continuation. According to the report, actor Jimmy Jean-Louis will be reprising his role as The Haitian, alongside his co-star and onscreen partner, Noah Bennett (Jack Coleman). The Haitian was an re-occurring character in the original series whose powers allowed him to erase peoples' memories, as well as block the powers of superheroes around him or in his general vicinity.

Heroes Reborn is just one of a number of TV show continuations in development right now along with The X-Files returning for a six-episode event series; Twin Peaks (the fate of which may be less certain than the others) possibly getting new life over at Showtime; and there's even a rumored Full House project in-development at Netflix. Not to mention the craziest being NBC's planned revival of the 90s sitcom Coach.

Jimmy Jean-Louis - Heroes

Right now, the only footage that's been shown from Heroes Reborn is a small and mysterious TV spot that debuted during the Super Bowl earlier this year. Heroes may've only had one amazing season, but there may be reason to be optimistic about this continuation. The interesting mix of old and new blood featured in the cast so far - as well as the enthusiasm that seems to be behind the project from creator Tim Kring - could bode well for Heroes Reborn.

A lot has changed since Heroes premiered for the first time - nowadays people can find quality superhero storytelling by the dime both in the cinema or on their Netflix lists, so Heroes Reborn will have to find an interesting way to warrant its existence. Whether or not it actually does bring anything new to the table though, will have to wait to be seen.

Heroes Reborn is slated to debut in Fall 2015 on NBC.

Source: Deadline

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