Heroes of the Storm Gets Its BIGGEST Character Yet With WoW's Deathwing

HOTS Deathwing

The all-powerful Deathwing is finally coming to Heroes of the Storm, immediately becoming the largest playable character in the game. Many may remember Deathwing as the spectacularly large dragon that arrived in World of Warcraft and forever changed the layout of the game's world in its Cataclysm expansion. Since then, the character has gone on to become one of the most beloved in WoW lore, which eventually led to a rather adamant fan base requesting the dragon's inclusion in Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm.

Of course, many had begun to believe that the character may never join the game after development on Heroes of the Storm was signficiantly scaled back and esports plans were scrapped. Blizzard has still left a small team on to continue updating the game, but gamers have long been questioning the longevity of the title. Fortunately, those that have been burning to see Deathwing join the all-star cast can breathe a sigh of relief, because the fire-filled dragon is planning to scorch anyone in its way when it eventually debuts in HotS. Oh, also, he's gargantuan.

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Much like Ridley in Smash Bros. Ultimate, it turns out Deathwing wasn't too big for HotS. The character is one of the most unique additions to the roster, not just because of his size, but because Deathwing won't take any help from his allies. No, allied players can't even heal the giant, which is painfully true to form for the perpetually perturbed dragon. Of course, the reveal trailer for the behemoth's Heroes of the Storm debut does a great job at showcasing the scale and scales Deathwing possesses.

According to Blizzard's HotS page, Deathwing will feature two different forms during battle, one of which is his Destroyer form, which grants him access to Incinerate and Onslaught abilities. The second is Deathwing's World Breaker form, which allows him to use both Lava Burst and Earth Shatter abilities. If he's left vulnerable by attacking enemies, Deathwing can also fly into the sky to begin healing himself and recovering armor. All in all, it's a very unique kit that adds something completely different to Heroes of the Storm.

Deathwing may not be quite as big as he was in World of Warcraft, but it was inevitable that he'd be shrunk down to fit the maps in HotS. More details on Deathwing are set to be shared during BlizzCon, and there's no denying that it'll be, ironically, quite cool to see the dragon take on characters from Starcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, and more. There's no doubt that this year's BlizzCon should prove to be an interesting one, and fans can expect it to kick off on November 1st.

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