Heroes Freaking ROCKS!

All you Lost fanboy losers out there: you can keep that go-nowhere, yank my chain show... NBC's Heroes is where it's at, baby!

If you're not watching it already, hopefully between now and April 23rd (when the show picks up again) you'll have a chance to watch it in reruns. Just kinda, sorta kidding about the fanboy loser comment, BTW. :-) It's not our fault if we got sucked into the bottomless pit that is Lost. but if you're still defending it, well... if the shoe fits.

Heroes is one of the shows that was spawned by the success of the go-nowhere and give few answers Lost last season, and has completely surpassed it in terms of story, character development and sheer drop-your-jaw entertainment value.

Over the past few weeks the story has been building, revealing more and more about the mysteries of the characters. Every week Heroes has delivered in a big way, managing to fill us in while still retaining plenty of mystery and leaving the audience wanting MORE! Compare this to the unending weeks of Jack, Sawyer and Kate being held captive. One more week of that and I swear I was ready to blow my brains out from frustration and boredom.

On the other hand Heroes keeps me coming back and glad that I did every single week. I don't know why the heck I haven't written about this excellent show until now...

If you haven't checked it out, you need to. Go to the official site to catch up! You can get episode summaries and even download previous episodes there.

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