'Heroes' Finale Bombs In The Ratings

If you tuned into the Heroes finale this past Monday you were one of the... very few. Is there enough audience left for one more season?

I must have not been the only person that forgot that the fourth season finale of Heroes was on this past Monday as NBC’s superhero drama brought in horrible, and I mean HORRIBLE,  ratings. How horrible? How does 4.4 million people sound?

In comparison, when NBC was thinking about canceling Chuck, the show was averaging 7.14 million viewers for its second season. Remember when everyone forgot that Fringe was on after the World Series? Well, even they were able to garner 5 million viewers (which have since shot back up to around 7 million viewers each week).

Still, with 4.4 million viewers the season finale isn’t even the worst performing episode ratings-wise this season. Overall, out of the eighteen episodes aired, the season finale was the fourth worst in terms of ratings. The worst being the Hiro trial episode, “Pass/Fail,” which only brought in 3.93 million viewers.

As I wrote in the Review & Discussion for the Heroes fourth season finale, I was unhappy after watching it, but deep down still figured that NBC probably would give it another season. However,  after seeing these numbers, there may be little chance of it returning. Some wonder how it couldn't be canceled so we'll have to see what NBC decides for their dwindling franchise.

"Maybe I can time travel back to the first season and save us all!"

Anyone surprised that only 4.4 million tuned in? Would anyone like to change their opinion about Heroes getting another season?

Can anyone say that Heroes is their favorite show? …that’s what I thought.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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