Heroes: One Shall Soon Fall [Updated]

Update: Find out who is going to go (If you dare)!

Alot of us having been saying it for sometime: One of these characters on Heroes has got to die. And stay dead. For good.

Well, it seems like somebody up in the big office over at NBC FINALLY heard our collective cries, because E! Online is reporting that Heroes will be rocked by a major death this season and "this is not one that will go unnoticed by even the most casual fan."

Better start catching up on your episodes of Heroes: Redemption now if you don't want to be left out of the loop come kill time!

E! Online drops a clue as to which character will be getting the ax - but we here at Screen Rant try to stay SPOILER FREE - so if you're the type who fancies a little tidbit to get them wondering, I'll point to where you can get a leg-up on your best guestimate. The clue is pretty vague, so it won't RUIN things for you:




Man, I just hope this death is a real death and not some bait-and-switch movie like (OLD SPOILER ALERT) Nathan's "death" was last season. This show has been begging for a move like this to get made (we've even been discussing a few candidates), and, in the end, I think the showrunners will appreciate just how much narrative space a well-executed death (pun intended) frees up.

Which Hero do you think will go? Which one would you like to see go?

Catch Heroes Monday @ 8pm on NBC

Source: E! Online

Update Source: Sci-fi Wire

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