Heroes To Go On Without Bryan Fuller?

It's with great sadness that we report that Bryan Fuller is leaving his spot as consulting producer on NBC's Heroes.

Before you wonder, he isn't leaving due to any internal strife.  Instead, he's working on developing some new shows / pilots for NBC Universal, the studio which produces Heroes.

The shows he's developing are keeping him so busy that he just ran out of time for everything and something had to give. The sad news is that Heroes was the show that got the short end of the straw.

If you remember, after a rough 3rd season NBC let two of the Heroes producers go and brought Bryan Fuller back into the fold.  Having recognized that season 3 fell into certain sci-fi stereotypes, he looked to bring more depth to the characters.

We here at Screen Rant thought this was a great move on NBC's part.  Heck, at one point fellow scribe Kofi Outlaw said that Bryan Fuller should be writing every episode of Heroes.  Kofi further went on to demonstrate that all NBC needed to do was keep Fuller and director Greg Yaitanes and the show would dominate once again.  Apparently no one at NBC was listening to us.

Aside from being the co-executive producer on the first season of Heroes, Fuller spent 2007 creating and running the ever popular series, Pushing Daisies.  He returned to the Heroes staff when Daises was canceled.  Fuller has also written / produced shows like Dead Like Me and the Star Trek spinoffs Deep Space Nine and Voyager.


So if Bryan Fuller is leaving a show like Heroes to work on these two other unnamed pilots / projects, we're left with several questions:

The Heroes ask: "Bryan Fuller, where do you think you're going?"

Will Heroes return to its floundering ways with Fuller out of the picture again?  The cast is all looking to someone right now for that answer and it's possible the show may keep on track with the momentum it's had lately. And if Fuller has left some decent notes behind, someone can model the next season based on his take.

Considering Fuller has created some of Heroes most popular episodes and he's created the intensely fan popular Daisies, you have to wonder what exactly he is working on and just how freaking awesome it just might be?

For the time being, these pilots he's working on are sorely need by NBC since their shows regularly flounder in the ratings while CBS and Fox dominate the top-10 spots repeatedly.

For now, Fuller is under contract with NBC Universal and they need to take serious advantage of that opportunity while they have it.

Also of note: Despite being super busy, Fuller is still hankering to create a new Star Trek series for television that takes place in J.J. Abrams new realm.  He is a staunch Trekkie.

Suddenly I'm a little concerned for Heroes.  Are you?

Sources:  AICN, Entertainment Weekly

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