The 10 Best Episodes Of Heroes (According To IMDb)

According to IMDb, these are the heroes episodes that got the highest ever ratings... and most are from the first season.

Even though Heroes struggled to maintain the incredibly high standard that it set with its opening season, which remains one of the very best first seasons in television history, the superhero television show still remained a big hit throughout its four-season run.

The show brought superheroes and powers into the modern world, ditching the capes and fancy costumes by giving the powers to everyday people was a refreshing take on that world, which some would argue was actually ahead of its time.

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Even though the later seasons began to see a dip in quality, Heroes did produce some amazing episodes, and within this list, we will rank the 10 best episodes of the show, according to IMDb.

10 Chapter 16 'Unexpected' (8.5)

We kickstart the list with the episode 'Unexpected,' which took place during the first season and scored a rating of 8.5 on IMDb, with this being a tremendous episode of the show. This episode saw Pete learn a painful situation that someone close might have betrayed him.

As well as this, Matt's world ends up spiraling out of control when several characters, including Ted Sprague and Hana Gitelman enter his life, making things much more difficult for him.

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As ever with Heroes, this episode has a lot packed into it with so many characters being heavily featured, with Hiro and Claire also having a big part to play in the episode.

9 Chapter 11 'Fallout' (8.5)

After finding out that Claire has abilities herself, she goes off to seek answers that her friends aren't able to provide,  while H.R.G. goes out of his way to punish Sylar, trying to get answers and learn more about him.

However, H.R.G. is totally unaware of what Sylar's true powers are, and the two men who are some of the most important characters on the show have an amazing scene together.

8 Chapter 10 'Six Months Ago' (8.5)

The next episode on the list, titled 'Six Months Ago' also gained an 8.5 rating from IMDb, which focuses heavily on Claire Bennett's character, where a spot in the cheerleading team opens up for her, the door to the normal life that she so desperately desires.

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As well as that, Hiro Nakamura travels back in time to the Texas diner, only to find out the waitress he fell for has a terminal disease. This particular episode does a fantastic job of focusing on lots of characters at once, without stretching things too far, not giving each character the right amount of time.

7 Chapter 19 'O.7%' (8.5)

Sylar continued his villainous ways here as his rampage continues as he helped Suresh find people with special abilities, with two more heroes being confronted by the serial killer.

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As well as that, Nathan has to make some tough decisions in this episode that will change the future for not only himself but also the entire world, which saw the stakes of the entire series be ramped up.

6 Chapter 23 'How To Stop An Exploding Man' (8.5)

This is the final episode of Heroes' first season, titled 'How To Stop An Exploding Man', saw the culmination of all the stories take place, with the world wondering whether or not the heroes would actually be able to stop Sylar.

Featuring all the main characters as they attempt to prevent the horrible predictions that fans had seen earlier on in the show saw sacrifices made, creating some overwhelmingly emotional moments.

Heroes had done an excellent job in building everything up to this point, and thankfully, they didn't disappoint with the finale, with this having the perfect level of action and drama.

5 Chapter 22 'Landslide' (8.6)

The episode 'Landslide' also takes place in season one and was rated 8.6 by IMDb. 'Landslide' focuses on Peter who tries to control his newly absorbed power, only to end up overhearing Sylar's thoughts, which leads him on a new path.

As well as that, Mohinder continues his personal journey to find heroes and give them a cure, while Parkman and Bennet continue to look for a link that could set them free.

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Linderman's complex relationship with Nikki/Jessica also continues as they are convinced that he is behind their son's disappearance, while he manages to convince their son to do a job.

4 Chapter 18 'Parasite' (8.7)

With an IMDb rating of 8.7, 'Parasite' was one of Heroes greatest ever episodes and features an incredible scene between Mohinder Suresh and Sylar after the scientist drugged the villain, strapping him up and hooking him to an I.V., stopping him using his abilities.

Mohinder and Sylar have a brilliant scene which sees the villain really have to showcase a new side of himself as he begs for his life, revealing that he knows details about his sister as well as his father's secrets.

However, it turns out he isn't actually begging for his life when he stops Mohinder's bullet in mid-air, claiming that in reality, he was offering Mohinder his in what becomes one of the most iconic scenes of all time from the show.

3 Chapter 9 'Homecoming' (8.8)

Next on the list is the episode, 'Homecoming' which scored an IMDb rating of 8.8 and is centered on Claire's homecoming celebration, which she hopes can be just a normal night in her life, but quickly becomes an incredibly frightening one.

This episode works as one of the scariest in the opening season of Heroes, with some incredibly tense moments that really highlighted how well Sylar had been written as the shows major villain.

As well as that, Hiro travels back in time as he tries to right a wrong while Suresh's storyline continues to develop as he keeps experiencing strange dreams during his time in India.

2 Chapter 20 'Five Years Gone' (9.1)

One of the highest-rated episodes of Heroes, this is one of only two episodes that managed to gain a rating of over 9 on IMDb, with 'Five Years Gone' officially being given a 9.1 rating. The episode is set in the future, as the title suggests.

In this episode, Hiro and Ando end up five years in the future as they see what the world is like after the destruction of New York, and they quickly learn that any with extraordinary abilities are now being labeled as terrorists and are being imprisoned.

As well as that, they learn that Sylar has taken the form of Nathan and is acting as the President of the United States, giving them a clear glimpse of what could happen to the world.

1 Chapter 17 'Company Man' (9.1)

Another Heroes episode that scored an incredible 9.1 rating on IMDb is 'Chapter 17: Company Man,' which also takes place in the first season of the show.

In this episode, the mysterious H.R.G's past begins to catch up to him, as Matt and Ted Sprague head to Texas in order to get some answers, which leads to them kidnapping him, his wife, his son, and Claire, holding them hostage.

This then leads to a major showdown which ends in a tragic manner, in what is one of the tensest episodes of Heroes that does an amazing job of adding new details to the storyline.

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