Alan Moore Wants Fans to Boycott Brett Ratner's 'Hercules'

The earliest available official PR materials for Hercules do list Steve Moore's name (but not that of Admira Wijaya, the artist for The Thracian Wars), but the poster and first trailer for the film appear to have been released in late March 2014, after Moore's passing on March 16th.

When THR reached out to MGM about this issue, they released the following statement:

"MGM licensed the feature film rights from Radical Comics and fulfilled all contractual obligations. Steve Moore was a legend within the comics industry, whose work we greatly admire."

"Contractual obligations." This phrase is really what it all boils down to. MGM's somewhat chilly statement appears to be the final word on the subject. The Byzantine nature of Steve Moore's final contract with Radical apparently removed the clause which would owe Moore any money at all, much less the "paltry 15,000" Moore angrily asked for when he learned of the impending film adaptation.

The exploitation of writers within the entertainment industry is nothing new, but while it's unclear how much or how little Steve Moore's name was used to promote the movie before his death, his name is very clearly included on the current poster, in as big a font size as Brett Ratner's.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Will this put you off of Hercules? Sound off in the comments.

Hercules opens in U.S. Theaters on July 25th. 2014.

Source: Bleeding Cool, THR

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