'Henry's Crime' Trailer: Romance, Comedy, & Bank Robbery

Henry's Crime movie Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is back in action and plays a well-to-do toll collector whose life takes a turn for the unexpected in Henry's Crime. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September of last year but has yet to hit theaters in the U.S.

A new trailer is out for Henry's Crime and it paints the flick as a mix of Capraesque romance and screwball comedy that involves Reeves' everyman character, a performance of the tragicomical play The Cherry Orchard, and an ill-conceived bank heist.

Reeves stars as Henry, a decent but unambitious man just living his life in New York when he unwittingly becomes an accomplice to a bank robbery and is sent to jail for refusing to identify the actual culprits. During his stint in prison, Henry befriends the eccentric con man Max (James Caan) and eventually concocts an ingenious plan when both of their sentences are over: actually commit the crime for which he was imprisoned (apparently Henry doesn't really understand how double jeopardy works).

Henry and Max discover a bootlegger's tunnel that connects the bank in question with the theater just next door and devise a plan that involves infiltrating the company's current production - to cover the robbery. Matters become all the more complicated when Henry reveals his plan to (and of course begins to) fall in love with the theater's leading lady, Julie (Vera Farmiga).

Watch the Henry's Crime trailer below:


Malcolm Venville (44 Inch Chest) directed Henry's Crime from a script by Sacha Gervasi, the talent behind the highly entertaining documentary Anvil! The Story of Avil. The film hits UK theaters next week, but has yet to settle on an official release date in the U.S.

This preview does a nice job of selling Henry's Crime as a gently clever farce that features a funny turn from Caan as a criminal who actually prefers life behind bars and Farmiga as a fast-talking career woman who recalls Jean Arthur in Mr. Deeds Goes to Town - with Reeves playing the naive schmo this time around. Early word is that the film plays out as more of a straightforward romance with elements of a heist flick thrown in, but it could still make for an entertaining viewing.

Henry's Crime movie Keanu Reeves James Caan Vera Farmiga

With a cast that includes Reeves, Caan, and Farmiga, there's little reason to doubt that Henry's Crime won't secure a U.S. theatrical release date in the near future. Stay tuned...

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