Henry Cavill Looks Buff in New Close-up Man of Steel Images

Perhaps more than any other comic book character, Superman is a true global icon, which is why every scrap of information from the set of Zack Snyder's Superman: Man of Steel has been dissected and debated endlessly on the Internet.

Now, we have even more material to pore over, as three very interesting close-up images from the film's set have made their way online.

Fans have already spent countless hours arguing how Henry Cavill looks as Superman in the first official image from the film, and also in subsequent set images, but these new pictures give us the best look yet at Cavill in costume.

The pictures, which come our way from the Superhero Hype forums (via Think McFly Think), show Cavill rehearsing for a fight scene - featuring a CGI enemy. In addition to giving us a closer look at Superman sans red tights, the set images show off how much Cavill bulked up for the role.


I still have some questions about the texture of the suit, and of course the missing red tights, but it's hard to argue that Henry Cavill doesn't physically look the part of Superman. The guy's biceps are practically busting out of his spandex. In fact, Cavill looks so buff that I almost wonder whether there's some musculature built into the design of the suit. Whatever the case, he definitely looks ready to rumble.

Between the film's familiar premise and its relative proximity to the so-so Superman Returns, there are a lot of people that still have doubts as to whether Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan can successfully reboot this franchise. One of the big things that will convince them is Henry Cavill's performance as the Man of Steel.

As these pictures show, Cavill certainly looks the part, but how will the actor's approach to the character be different than any of the other Superman actors that came before him? What will he do to separate himself from Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh, and even TV's Tom Welling? Hopefully, the first trailer for Superman: Man of Steel will answer some of these questions. At the very least, it will start a whole new round of discussions.

Which of course leads to our closing questions: What do you think of these images? Do you like the look of Superman's new costume?

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Source: Superhero Hype forums (via Think McFly Think)

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