Henry Cavill's Mustache Removal on a Home Computer Looks Better Than in Justice League

Digitally removing Henry Cavill's mustache using a standard PC not only seems easy, the end result is much better-looking than Warner Bros.' work on Justice League. DC Films' first superhero ensemble flick last year saw Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman uniting in an effort to battle Steppenwolf and his attempt to take-over the world. But what initially looked like a runaway hit didn't perform as well as many were hoping it to be, hauling a box office total of just $675 million when it could have effortlessly become a $1 billion movie club member.

The production had to endure close scrutiny from fans and press, all part of the excitement around DC's premier heroes coming together for the first time on the big screen. Unfortunately, making Justice League wasn't exactly smooth sailing. Among its slew of setbacks, arguably the most pivotal one was the director switch just when reshoots were about to start. Original helmer Zack Snyder was forced to step down from directing due to a personal tragedy, resulting in Joss Whedon taking the mantle after mainly helping behind-the-scenes with rewrites.

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YouTube channel named Deep Fakes claims that they are able to easily remove Cavill's mustache with the use of just a normal desktop PC. The short vid features a slew of shots of the actor (not necessarily from Justice League) with his facial hair and opposite them are the result of their work. The last comparison, however, shows the opening sequence of the Snyder-directed flick where we first saw a glimpse of Superman's odd-looking upper lip. Check out the full clip above.

The controversy surrounding Cavill's mustache was once again brought up following the official trailer premiere for Mission: Impossible - Fallout during Super Bowl LII. Cavill was filming the action sequel at the time he was called back for Justice League reshoots, and Paramount didn't allow him to shave his facial hair. The studio reportedly denied Warner Bros.' offer to pay for digitally adding back the 'stache just so the actor could get rid of it to reprise his role as Superman in a few scenes. Given that, DC Films had to remove it which allegedly caused them to spend a few more millions for an end result that doesn't really look quite right.

Looking at how the channel did it with better end results is a direct insult to the film company. Although, it's important to note that we're unsure of the behind-the-scenes process of the individual/team who did the video considering that it was fast-tracked. The channel claims that an upcoming software did the job and just used Cavill's mustache situation to promote their product. With all that considered, it's still hard to believe that Warner Bros, with their army of talented and professional graphics artists, weren't able to do it as nicely. Then again, it can all be chalked to the film supposedly being rushed, not giving their staff enough time to finish their work the way they would've wanted.

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Source: Deep Fakes

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