Henry Cavill Shows How to Reload Your Arm Guns Mission: Impossible Style

Henry Cavill in Mission Impossible 6

Mission: Impossilble – Fallout star Henry Cavill demonstrates how to reload your arm guns, as he does in the already-famous bathroom fight scene from this summer’s Tom Cruise-led action blowout. Early reviews for Mission: Impossible 6 are in, and a consensus is already emerging that says this could be the best of the series. Projections indicate Fallout could end up with the biggest opening weekend ever for the franchise.

A big part of Fallout's success with critics, and a potential big draw for audiences, is all the stuntwork undertaken by Cruise. Taking things even further than in prior series entries, Cruise this time is called upon to defy death by jumping from a plane, flying his own helicopter during a wild chase, and leaping between tall buildings (unfortunately, Cruise would not emerge entirely unscathed from his building leap). New to the mix this time around is Justice League star Henry Cavill, sporting a now infamous mustache to portray the film’s bruising "wild card" antagonist. Far from shrinking from the physical demands of the role, Cavill has clearly embraced the challenge of trying to keep up with Cruise.

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Trailers and clips have already given fans a glimpse of the bathroom fight scene involving Cavill, Cruise and a third man in a frenzied close-quarters martial arts battle that leaves the bathroom in ruins. But the one shot everyone’s really excited about shows Cavill, amid the mayhem of the bathroom fight, pumping his arms to load up before going in to pummel his opponent. While appearing at today's Fallout premiere in France, Cavill was asked to give a demonstration of his arm reloading technique, and the actor was happy to oblige. See the video of Cavill’s display below (via Steve Weintraub):

What Cavill doesn't explain during his demonstration is how he somehow managed to grow more facial hair in the middle of the shot where he reloads his arms. As if the arm pump weren't already intimidating enough. From the clip, Cruise was clearly impressed with Cavill's arm-reloading technique, so maybe he'll give it a go for himself in the inevitable sequel.

When it comes to Mission: Impossible antagonists, Cavill's August Walker appears to have the most physically imposing presence, and may ultimately give Cruise the biggest run for his money. In terms of pure sliminess, Philip Seymour Hoffman's Owen Davian from Mission: Impossible III probably still takes the cake. Sean Harris' Solomon Lane, who returns to once again menace Ethan Hunt and company in Mission: Impossible - Fallout, likely wins the award for creepiest villain of the series, but Cavill is without a doubt the most physically demanding antagonist.

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Source: Steve Weintraub

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