Henry Cavill Talks Similarities Between Man of Steel and DC's 'The New 52'

Henry Cavill Compares 'Man of Steel' to The New 52 Superman

Much like The Dark Knight Rises before it, Man of Steel continues to be an incredibly popular news topic, thanks to the various rumors, leaked photos, and interviews from the cast and crew.

Today, we have an interview from the man who will be Superman in the upcoming film, Henry Cavill, where he comments on the similarities between Man of Steel and the Superman of DC's The New 52.

With regard to those similarities – courtesy of The Washington Examiner – Henry Cavill said:

"When that came out, everyone went, 'Arrhhh! Everything's changed.’ It's part of the evolution of the character. There is a modernization to it, and certainly our style is making him easier to associate with because it's pretty tough to associate with an invulnerable alien."

The parallels between the Superman of The New 52 and the one in Man of Steel have been discussed more than a few times - especially with regard to the supersuit. Most obviously, both suits lack the classic red trunks. Furthermore, they’re both Krytonian garb (armor?) as opposed to something Ma Kent sewed together in her rocking chair.

The question is: Are there additional similarities that we’ve yet to notice? Both Man of Steel and Grant Morrison’s Action Comics detail Superman’s beginnings – might there be some overlap between the two that goes beyond the superficial?

Superman in Action Comics #1 by Grant Morrison
Action Comics #1 by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales

Honestly, it’s doubtful, considering how recently The New 52 was developed. That said, it would be a welcome overlap - seeing as how well-received Action Comics #1-3 have been so far (both critically and financially).

On previously being up for the role of McG’s (undeveloped) version of Superman and losing to Brandon Routh when Bryan Singer came onboard, Cavill said:

"It's actually been proven that just because I didn't get Superman then doesn't mean that I can't get Superman now. You can't let [losing a part] get you down. You've got to look at the positives. I got to meet with Warner Bros. and everyone there. It's beneficial, really."

Indeed, the same thing happened to Timothy Dalton, up for the role of James Bond after You Only Live Twice but deemed too young (by himself) - as well as Pierce Brosnan, up for the role of Bond after Roger Moore, but his contract for Remington Steele got in the way. Both actors eventually got the role much later on.

On the fan reaction to Man of Steel and whether or not it matters, Cavill said:

"There are a lot of people who have dedicated their life to loving this character. ... Their opinion does matter. I've done my research on the source material. I have my opinions on the various bits and bobs, but sometimes there will be a little gem out there about one of the books, and I'll say to myself, 'Yeah. That's a good point.'"

Honestly, Cavill sounds like one of the more down-to-Earth actors to be cast in these sorts of films. Either that or he has a really good publicist.

What’s your take on Man of Steel being similar to the Superman of The New 52? Let us know in the comments.


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Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel hits theaters June 14, 2013. The Immortals, starring Henry Cavill, hits theaters November 11, 2011. Or as the commercials keep telling us: "11-11-11."

Source: The Washington Examiner [via Comic Book Movie]

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