What Henry Cavill Could Look Like As Kingdom Come Superman

A new piece of fan art imagines what Henry Cavill would look like as Superman in a DCEU Kingdom Come adaptation. Comic book legends Mark Waid and Alex Ross teamed-up for the critically-acclaimed Kingdom Come comic book series in 1996, which follows aged and retired DC superheroes donning their costumes one last time in a fight to prevent the world from succumbing to a new breed of superheroes who fail to distinguish between heroes and villains.

Kingdom Come, as with all Elseworlds stories, remained separate from the core DC Universe, but it still featured several age-old DC Comics characters that were seemingly being pushed aside at the time for a new generation of characters to take their place. In the story, Superman and the rest of the world's finest heroes retire once they realize the world no longer values their ideals, especially their apprehension to killing in cold blood. But once Kansas is decimated by a new group of superheroes who kill without consequence or remorse, Superman reforms the Justice League for an ultimate showdown against Magog's Battalion (the new superheroes), Lex Luthor's Mankind Liberation Front (a group of Golden Age villains), and Batman's Outsiders (superheroes who oppose the League).

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Comic book fans have been clamoring for a Kingdom Come movie for years. While it's not on the table at the moment, that doesn't mean people can't imagine what it would look like. And today, Twitter user SPDRMNKYXXIII posted a new piece of fan art that imagines what Henry Cavill would look like as Kingdom Come's Superman. Take a look:

Kingdom come. @thealexrossart @ZackSnyder#Superman #Batman #Wonderwoman #Theflash #Kingdomcome #powergirl #Hawkman #Theflash #shazam #Dccomics #DCEU #Dcmovies #Dcuniverse #Comicart #artist #Digitalart #Digitalartist #photoshop #Comicart

— SPDRMNKYXXIII (@aitesamfarooq02) January 4, 2018

The Kingdom Come comic series released at a time when comic books turned dark and gritty, of which many focused on deconstructing superhero identities, and it reintroduced the idea of Golden Age heroism. Perhaps that's something the DC Extended Universe needs right now, but it's unlikely to happen, at least anytime soon. But that doesn't mean it's impracticable.

Considering that DC Films is venturing into the Elseworlds field with their upcoming Joker origin story, it's certainly possible that a Kingdom Come film could be put into development at some point in the future. But who ends up playing Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and all the other mainline heroes would be something else entirely, especially if the studio chooses to keep stories such as that separate from the burgeoning DCEU. Given that Ben Affleck's Batman is already at the end of his crime-fighting career, it would be interesting to see the core DCEU cast, as it is today, return in 10 years or so for a Kingdom Come adaptation. Casual moviegoers may not understand why Warner Bros. would commission such a film, but DC Comics fans would undoubtedly line up to see the superhero flick.

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