Henry Cavill Read DC Rebirth in Prep for Justice League

Henry Cavill's preparation for reprising his role as Superman in Justice League included making an effort to learn more about the lore by reading several DC comics, including Rebirth.

The Warner Bros. superhero ensemble film was the third time that the English actor played the Kryptonian on the big screen after debuting as the iconic superhero in 2013's Man of Steel. He followed that up with a turn in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which ended on the emotional note of Kal-El sacrificing himself just to contain the threat of Doomsday. While Justice League went on without Superman for the most part, his death and eventual resurrection were significant plot points in the film's overall narrative.


Looking back at the preparation he had to do before suiting up once again as one of the most popular superheroes ever, Cavill opened up in an interview included in the Justice League: The Official Collector's Edition book about his perspective of making the role his own, as well as trying to be more aware of the DC mythos to get an inkling as to how he can portray Superman better.

"Putting the suit on was fantastic. I love wearing that suit. No matter how warm or uncomfortable   it gets. it's the Superman suit. There's no feeling like it. It's a truly unique, special thing and I hope I get to do it for many more years. I'm really  happy."

"I do indeed -- especially with Rebirth, which has just come out. I've been really diving into that. It's fun to see where the DC Comics Universe is going, and to see how closely our movie universe is matching it."

Superman and his family in DC Rebirth

For those who are unaware, the Rebirth comics features a pre-Flashpoint era where Superman's original death remains. In it, Clark and Lois have a kid and are leading a different life in a different place. Obviously, Justice League has little to no significant plot point borrowed from the print run, but with Flashpoint already in development and heavily rumored to be some sort of a reset button for DC Films' Universe, Cavill reading the issue could be more of an indication where the franchise is heading. Additionally, it would also be the perfect explanation for Clark's return to his civilian life, which was teased by the end of the ensemble film.

At this point, it might still be quite a while before we get to see Cavill back on the big screen as Superman. Not only does DC Films taking a breather for more than a year with Aquaman not coming out until December of next year, there are currently no concrete plans with regard to a possible Man of Steel 2. There is, however, no scarcity of filmmakers that want to tackle the project shall it eventually pushes through.


Source: Justice League: The Official Collector's Edition

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