Henry Cavill Shaves His Justice League Mustache

Henry Cavill Mustache

Gone but not forgotten, Henry Cavill has finally shaved off his infamous Justice League mustache and is embracing a new life without his controversial facial appendage.

Not since Ned Flanders on The Simpsons has one man been so defined by a mustache, remembering that Cavill's lip-liner caused no end of problems for Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon's Justice League. It may seem ridiculous that something as simple as a mustache can cause so much outrage in Hollywood, but the abysmal CGI removal of Cavill's only added to the many problems that the DCEU's big ensemble movie struggled with.

Taking to Instagram, the 34-year-old filmed a heartfelt farewell to his mustache, appearing already clean-shaven in the video. Even if the Warner Bros. execs don't find it funny, Cavill himself was all-too-eager to poke fun at the whole situation and show what a good sport he is.


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Everyone from Ezra Miller to Ray Fisher - and even Snyder himself - has poked fun at Mustachegate, but it looks like the saga may finally be over. Serving as an "In Memoriam," Cavill reminisces about their adventures together. Dubbing his mustache King Stache, he jokes that he sometimes doesn't recognize himself with his new face. Ending with "Shaved but not forgotten," it is clear that the mustache will continue to haunt Justice League long after the movie itself is gathering dust on DVD shelves.

For those who haven't heard about the drama, Cavill grew the mustache for his role in the upcoming Mission: Impossible - Fallout. Paramount dug their heels in and refused to let him shave it off as part of his contract, which left Warner Bros. with a big of a problem when it came to Justice League's reshoots. However, instead of pulling from one of the periods in the Superman comics when the Man of Steel actually has a mustache or somehow working it into his resurrection/evil Superman storyline, Whedon's reign over the move saw it digitally altered to leave audiences with the creepiest lip ever seen in cinema.

Ultimately, the facial fuzz should be a learning curve for movie studio's everywhere. Warner Bros. apparently didn't spend a lot to remove the mustache and it clearly showed. Paramount could've technically added a mustache to Cavill, leaving his upper lip exposed to the elements for his Superman reshoots, but they turned down Warner Bros.' offer and stuck to their guns to provide plenty of hilarity at Justice League's expense. What started as a petty squabble between two rival movie houses, Cavill and the 'stache have certainly given everyone something to talk about over the past few months.

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