Henry Cavill Talks Justice League, Batman V Superman & Man of Steel 2

Henry Cavill Talks Batman and Superman Movie

With Man of Steel - Zack Snyder's cinematic reboot of the Superman franchise - practically in theaters at this point (give or take a week), questions about potential films that'll follow in its wake seem to be at the forefront of everyone's mind. Will it be the oft-discussed Justice League film in 2015? Will it be a Batman/Superman crossover? Or will the Warner Bros. powers-that-be forgo all of that in favor of Man of Steel 2?

As with most films, it likely depends on what happens with this one first. Still, Henry Cavill has some ideas of his own about where he'd like to see the DC movie universe go in the next few years (some of which he's already shared).

On the sort of Man of Steel follow-up Cavill would prefer to see - courtesy of IGN - he said:

"Well, if any of these things were to happen - which I don't know if they are, I don't know if they've even been spoken about - I think, ultimately, a 'Justice League' movie could be fun, but to get to that stage, you have to do other movies in between. You can't just suddenly have a world full of gods when one god has just arrived.

So - how do you get to that stage? I think a 'Batman/Superman' movie would be great because it brings that world together. Whether they're going to let that happen, I don't know. But a sequel to continue ['Man of Steel'] would certainly be amazing...and maybe start introducing some other things. Every single one of those...[which comes] next? I don't know."

Yes, sure, Henry Cavill says that he's merely speculating, but it's hard to believe that he's heard absolutely nothing about potential Superman-related films that could be coming down the pike if Man of Steel is successful.

Henry Cavill as Superman

Regardless, it seems to be more and more apparent that a Justice League movie coming immediately on the heels of MoS just isn't in the cards. And Cavill isn't the only person to downplay the possibility - Zack Snyder also recently indicated that the previously reported 2015 release date is out of the question (while simultaneously voicing excitement about the idea of a Batman/Superman crossover). Might a Batman/Superman - or World's Finest - film be next in line instead? Is it the most sensible choice?

Fans may recall that a Batman Vs. Superman film was already in the works back in the early 2000s with Wolfgang Petersen directing and Colin Farrell/Christian Bale and Jude Law/Josh Hartnett as Batman and Superman, respectively. The film (which was visually referenced in I Am Legend) was pretty far along when contractual complications forced Petersen to abandon it for the Greek war movie Troy starring Brad Pitt.

Batman Versus Superman in I Am Legend
'Batman Vs. Superman' in 'I Am Legend'

Going with a Batman/Superman movie after Man of Steel wouldn't exactly be replicating Marvel's Phase 1, 2, 3 formula, but it's a lot more in line with that than moving straight to the team-up payoff like they originally intended to do. And of course, there's nothing that says Warners can't have concurrent film productions for the other Justice League members (Flash, Wonder Woman, et cetera) to pad the ranks.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? After Man of Steel, would you prefer to see Man of Steel 2, Batman/Superman, or a Justice League film? Drop us a line in the comments.


Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013.

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Source: IGN

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