Justice League: Henry Cavill Teasing Green Lantern Actor Reveal?


The nearly constant stream of rumors, speculation, and entertaining fan theories surrounding the Justice League and Green Lanterns of the DC Extended Universe is hard to ignore, and even harder to resist getting swept into. And that doesn't just go for the fans, either. As the rumor mill of whether or not Justice League will debut the new live action Green Lantern - and which version it should be - continues to heat up, the only other absent member of the DC super-team is taking the opportunity to get in on the fun.

The end of Batman V Superman may have seen him killed and buried, but nobody believed for a second that Henry Cavill's Superman would be out of the fight for long. We may not know how or when in the story Supes will return, but Cavill is taking it upon himself to troll fans by going hunting for Hal Jordan himself.

It's clear that Cavill is keeping up to date with the conversation and gossip of Justice League, the mysterious alien Green Lantern rumored to play a significant part, and maybe even the Moonlight actor whose name is being tossed around for John Stewart. Although he's busy filming the feature film Nomis in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Cavill made time to share a photo of his dog, Kal, apparently staring off in anticipation of the same reveal as DC fans everywhere:

Kal looking for Hal #GreenLantern #Kal

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Other Kal looking for Hal #GreenLantern #Kal


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The "Kal waiting for Hal" caption went from playful to explicit when Cavill caught a glimpse of a Green Lantern bust in a shop window. Fans obviously shouldn't put too much weight or significance into Cavill happening upon the statue, but the sudden appearance of Hal Jordan on his mind could be telling. Exactly what it's telling... is less clear.

Cavill has made a habit of trolling and teasing the fans in the past, but in this case, it may simply be the actor sharing the excitement (and possibly impatience) of movie and comic book fans eager to see what solution DC has created for 'the Green Lantern problem.' It's no secret that the studio must tread carefully in introducing Green Lantern, given how publicly their previous attempt failed. Will they bring Ryan Reynolds back and urge fans to let bygones by bygones? Will they replace him with one of the other Lanterns that followed in the comics?


Until we get our eyes on that teased Justice League trailer Zack Snyder is promising to arrive "soon," speculation and wild imagination will have to do. Not that we mind, since we've already examined the evidence to come up with our own theory on which alien Green Lantern will give WB time to decide their plan. And what kind of cosmic threat could pull a Lantern into Justice League's story. We doubt Cavill will be taking any candid photos of the Anti-Monitor or Raker Qarrigat, so you'll have to take or word for it.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of Cavill's tease of a Hal Jordan announcement. Should it be taken as a joke, or could DC truly be sticking with their cocky fighter pilot for the DCEU?

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