Henry Cavill Gets a Mustache in Fan-Made Batman v Superman Footage

Superman is wearing a mustache in a new fan-made video in response to the reshoot quandary Justice League is having with Henry Cavill's facial hair. With the release of Justice League less than four months away, the DC Extended Universe superhero extravaganza is under the gun, with a reported $25 million in reshoots to be completed before fans are treated to the Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon co-directed project.

Among the hassles involved with the reshoots are the conflicts in scheduling that Cavill and Ezra Miller (The Flash) have, since the actors are still involved shooting Mission: Impossible 6 and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2, respectively. Cavill's involvement in MI: 6 opposite Tom Cruise is trickier, however, since his character has a mustache and contractually, he's not being allowed to shave it off. As a result, the visual effects artists on Justice League will have to digitally remove Cavill's mustache in all the scenes he does for the reshoots.

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Naturally, the internet didn't long to poke fun at Warner Bros. and DC's mustache misfortune with Cavill, and YouTube user David Johns (coincidental that he has the same last name as the DC chief?) quickly created the minute-long video dubbed Batman v Superman (Moustache Edition).

In the video, Johns, with expert precision, digitally adds a handle bar-type mustache (usually reserved for villains who like to twitch them as they carry out their dastardly deeds) to the Man of Steel in several scenes from BvS, and the results are hilarious. Johns even adds a mustache to another principal character at the end of the video, as well as the BvS logo.

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

While the accountants and digital artists at Warner Bros. likely won't be laughing at Johns' clever creation, they can at least take solace in knowing that there's been no rush in including Superman in the Justice League's marketing materials. Yes, since these are reshoots, there's no doubt that Cavill has filmed scenes clean-shaven already, so if there was a need to plop him into a future trailer, the studio and DC could probably submit footage that doesn't have to be digitally altered.

Since Justice League still wants fans to presume Superman is dead, though (save a hint of the character shown in the new Comic-Con trailer), Warner Bros. and DC shouldn't have to wipe the sweat off their brows until November 17 when the film appears in theaters. Besides, how tough can it be? If a fan can digitally add a mustache to a character in a day, how hard could it be to remove one?

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Source: David Johns

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