Henry Cavill Congratulates Wonder Woman Team

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Henry Cavill has officially offered his congratulations to Gal Gadot and the entire team behind Wonder Woman on the film's success. His praise for the film comes just a few days after Wonder Woman hit theaters last Friday, and was welcomed with a record-breaking opening weekend at the box office, exceeding all box office predictions. But Wonder Woman's success isn't just monetary, with the film receiving a positive response from both critics and fans alike, so much so that it currently has one of the highest Rotten Tomatoes scores of any film in comic book movie history. That's not too bad considering how long it's taken for Wonder Woman to make it to the big screen.

For many fans, Wonder Woman also marked the turning point in the DCEU that the cinematic universe was in desperate need of, following the disappointing reactions to both Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad last year. Not only did it give Gadot's Diana Prince her chance to finally shine on her own, but also brought more hope and optimism to a universe that many critics thought was lacking far too much.

And now, you can go ahead and add Cavill's name to the growing list of supporters of Wonder Woman. The actor recently took to his Instagram page to congratulate his Justice League co-star on the success of her film over these past few days, before taking the time to congratulate and praise the entire team behind the film, along with Gadot. Check out the post for yourself down below:

Congratulations to my DC family members Gal, Patty, Chris and the whole Wonder Woman team for an incredibly successful weekend!! You guys nailed it. @gal_gadot #PattyJenkins #ChrisPine #WonderWoman

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Cavill isn't the first, and likely won't be the last movie star to show his support for Wonder Woman either. Celebrity reviews even started pouring in for the film before its opening day was over, with Lupita Nyong'o calling it a classic of its genre, and a number of notable Marvel Cinematic Universe stars sharing their love and congrats for its success as well. Cyborg himself, Ray Fisher, even showed his support by joining in one of the film's more unexpected promotional marketing campaigns.

Cavill's praise only further shows how close the Justice League cast members have grown through their work together, and both Cavill and Ben Affleck were there when Gadot made her DCEU debut in Batman V Superman. While her interactions with Superman were minimal (at best) in Dawn of Justice, fans will hopefully get to see Cavill and Gadot share more than a few scenes together later this year in Justice League -- whenever it is that Superman makes his grand reentrance, anyways. But until then, fans can at least keep themselves busy by going to see Wonder Woman in theaters as many more times as they want.

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