'Hemlock Grove' Clip Rocks A Grisly & Thorough Werewolf Transformation

Hemlock Grove Poster

Hemlock Grove wasn't kidding with that, "The monster is within," tagline. At Anaheim's WonderCon event this weekend, Netflix presented a never-before-scene clip featuring a vicious werewolf transformation that wowed the audience.

Hemlock Grove is Netflix's followup to Lilyhammer and House of Cards, marking the company's third endeavor in original show production. The Eli Roth-produced series is an adaptation of the Brian McGreevy horror novel that's expected to push the boundaries of werewolf carnage. The show kicks off just after a gruesome murder. After the mangled body is found near the old Godfrey steel mill, the town gets to talking and, soon thereafter, pinpoints two suspects – the newly arrived trailer trash gypsy family and the wealthy Godfreys themselves.

In addition to the previous Hemlock Grove trailer that arrived a short while back, the official Hemlock Grove page is now loaded with mini trailers primarily comprised of pieces of that main trailer, but all highlighting different elements of the experience, which of course includes some particularly unsettling imagery, but none compare to this new clip from the show.


The parties involved here are Landon Liboiron's (Terra Nova) Peter Rumancek, Lili Taylor (The Conjuring) as his mother, Lynda, and Bill Skarsgård (yes, True Blood vampire Alexander Skarsgård's little brother) as the heir to the Godfrey estate, Roman Godfrey. Peter's got a secret that's not much of a secret to Roman anymore and Lynda is quite proud of it. While she watches on, grinning big, Peter goes from man to beast in a wildly deliberate and detailed transformation. If the abundance of bone-crunching isn't enough, how about the need to swap human eyes and teeth for more werewolf-appropriate ones? Still not gory enough? The snout-by-way-of-mouth part of the process makes the Twilight transformation exponentially more cartoonish - if that's even possible.

After one too many displays of supernatural romance, sparkling vampires, and flashier human-to-animal conversions, this brutal display Hemlock Grove puts on is madly refreshing. However, even as a gore-lover, the concern that Hemlock Grove might go overboard is there, but considering this whole werewolf transformation shtick is being used as one of the show's key selling points, there's hope that this spectacle will work well in context and that the series won’t delude it by trying to go too big and bloody too often.

You can binge-watch all 13 episodes of Hemlock Grove when the show is made available on Netflix in full on April 19th.


Source: IGN

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