"Help Me Name My New Blog" DVD Contest Results

I want to thank everyone who submitted ideas for a name for my new blog. There were some great ones submitted and a bunch that I thought were really funny. :-)

In the end I decided to go with a name that reflected a theme similar to Screen Rant. To that end Jarrod from came up with the winning suggestion:

Life Rant

I think it's a great fit and captures what the site is all about. Thanks again and I hope you stop by once in a while to read my mini-tantrums. :-)

So as soon as I get a mailing address from Jarrod he'll be receiving the following DVDs:

Batman - Two Disc Special Edition (Tim Burton/Michael Keaton)

The One - Special Edition (Jet Li)

Stargate - The original film that inspired the TV series.

Rian Johnson and The Old Republic
Rian Johnson May Not Direct His Star Wars Trilogy Straight After Knives Out

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