Hell's Kitchen: 10 Most Hilarious Gordon Ramsay Lamb Sauce Memes

Just about everything that chef Gordon Ramsay says or does is meme-worthy - a fact Redditors and YouTubers have happily proven over the last few years. However, there's something special about Gordon's infamous 'Lamb Sauce' bit. We mean, Good Lord, Gordon first uttered this legendary phrase back in 2006 and it's still funny more than a decade later!

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In our opinion, the sheer variety of Lamb Sauce memes keep this classic Hell's Kitchen joke alive and fresh. Today, we're going to share 10 of our favorite Lamb Sauce memes from around the net. Just be careful where you read this article. We don't want you lot laughing maniacally in the middle of work!

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10 Humble Beginnings

Have you ever wondered why Gordon made such a big fuss about the Lamb Sauce in the first place? After all, how much trouble is some sauce worth? Well, according to this meme, Gordon's connection with the sacred sauce might be deeper than any of us expected.

If this macro is true, Gordon Ramsey might have personally bred and raised a lamb before turning that baaad boy into a delectable dish! In a way, Gordon isn't just looking for a culinary dish. He's searching for an integral part of his past and character!

9 Where's Lambo?

Man, if they made books this dope when we were kids, our nation's literacy rates wouldn't be in the gutter chilling with Pennywise! Seriously, who wouldn't spend hours trying to find the Lamb Sauce while Gordon screams one memorable quote after another?

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This meme also gets bonus points for its attention to detail, especially since the art almost perfectly matches Martin Handford's. Shout out to Where's Waldo for inspiring this meme and keeping our butts in the library long enough for us to genuinely learn something.

8 Evening The Odds

If the Lamb Sauce is in Area 51, then the invaders might be able to recruit an incredibly powerful ally. As it stands, the army of Kyles, Karens, Naruto-Runners, and Anti-Vaxxers isn't enough. Even if Keanu Reeves leads a flank attack, he's the only one who can dodge bullets. That's where Gordon comes in.

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The soldiers guarding Area 51 won't be able to shoot straight with tears in their eyes! They may be trained to resist all forms of psychological torture, but you can only get called a ****ing donkey so many times before your willpower shatters like glass!

7 Dating Advice

For millennia, guys have wondered "How do I approach my crush?" Guys have tried everything from serenading their love interests to leaving typo-ridden notes, rarely succeeding in any account. However, this meme suggests that the fellas have been playing the dating game all wrong.

Guys need to drop all pretenses of subtly and just make their feelings known! The next time a girl's got you feeling some sort of way, you need to plant yourself like a tree, look her dead in her eyes, and ask her "WHERE'S THE LAAAAMB SOS?!" Trust us, this method works every time.

6 Ignorance Is Bliss

Maybe Gordon doesn't want to find the Lamb Sauce? It's not even that hard to make and you can buy all its ingredients for less than $20-$30! Gordon's a master chef - this man could probably whip up some Lamb Sauce with his eyes closed.

No, we think Gordon likes twisting everyone's leg with this stunt. Or, perhaps, Gordon's not looking for anything physical. Maybe when he asks "Where's the Lamb Sauce?" he's really asking us all "Where's our compassion for our fellow human beings?" on some Zen Buddhist stuff. If so, we too wonder where the Lamb Sauce is.

5 Lam Sos

This is what happens when you start cutting corners in life, kids. "Sos" Gordon is the bane of man's existence; he's an abomination from an alternate reality wherein Gordon used Black Magic while attempting to cut the 'Quest For the Sauce' short.

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Nothing good ever comes from making deals with the Devil, hence "Sos" Gordon's horrific appearance. Much like the doppolganger villain Bizarro from the Superman comics, "Sos" Gordon serves as a twisted reflection of our beloved hero - and reminds us of the evil that lurks inside us all.

4 The Ends Of The Earth

How far are you willing to go to find that which you crave the most? Would you leave the comfort of your home and journey to the ends of the Earth even with no guarantee that you'll ever come back?! Gordon would if there were even a minute chance that he'd finally reunite with his beloved Lamb Sauce.

He'd even do it with or without Google Earth's assistance. Seriously though; they've got thousands of satellites at their disposal, and they can't locate one stinking bowl of sauce?! Ducking donkeys!

3 All In The Family

If you're expecting - and you can't think of a good name for your baby - you could always name them after something you love, as this meme suggests.

Forget about what the nay-sayers think, Screen-ie would make an awesome name for a kid! What's that? You guys don't actually love us? Oh... okay... that's cool. We'll just be in this dark corner in that case. Maybe we'll find the Lamb Sauce over here, lying next to the fragments of our broken hearts.

2 TinTin X Lamb Sauce

Theory confirmed: Gordon Ramsay was TinTin in his youth. As it turns out, his search for the Sauce goes back further than any of us could have imagined. Check this out: The Adventures of TinTin debuted in 1929, meaning that Gordon's searched for the Lamb Sauce for more than 90 years!

Maybe Gordon's secretly an immortal; that'd explain why he's so impatient with everyone's BS - he's genuinely seen and heard it all before! It also makes you wonder what will happen if Gordon ever finds the Sauce?

1 Lamb Sauce Located!

Holy crap, Gordon finally located the Lamb Sauce!! They said it couldn't be done, that it was scientifically impossible to find it after all these centuries. But Gordon never lost faith, pursuing the Sauce the same way Thanos chased after the Infinity Stones!

Now that we stand on the precipice of change, we can only wonder what will happen next. Wait up - Gordon's going in to taste the Lamb Sauce! He's just taken a sip and now he's savoring it. Oh no, Gordon spat it out - it's raw!! How in God's name can you make Lamb Sauce raw?!

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