Hellraiser Reboot Now Stuck In Limbo

Hellraiser reboot director Patrick Lussier

It's been awhile since we've heard anything about the inevitable reboot of the classic 1987 horror movie Hellraiser. Last March, we reported that it would be a reboot rather than a remake and that it would draw both from the '80s film and Clive Barker's original novel, The Hellbound Heart.

Dimension - the studio behind most of the Hellraiser films to date - has been attempting to get a new version of the franchise in theaters for years now, trying to find the right people to bring an updated version to a 21st century audience.

Many writers and directors have been attached to the Hellraiser reboot, from Pascal Laugier (director of the shocking French horror film Martyrs) to the duo Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton (Saw franchise, The Collector) and most recently Christian E. Christiansen. Discussions had been ongoing with the latter for some time, but they have apparently fallen through.

So what seems to be the problem? Well, the studio is apparently being very picky about who they want to write and direct this new version of Hellraiser. Basically, they've been chasing the hottest new writing and directing talents, testing their visions out and then moving on to someone else if and when the ideas don't match up to what the studio has in mind. One insider described the situation like this: "It's a 'they know it when they see it' kind of thing... It's a small needle to hit, no pun intended."

Evidently Dimension cares a lot more about the relaunching of Hellraiser theatrically than they care about the straight-to-DVD versions. Despite this new theatrical version being stuck in limbo, there's a new straight-to-DVD version, Hellraiser: Revelations, on the way from director Victor Garcia. Including the Revelations, the total count of Hellraiser films is nine - four theatrical and five straight-to-DVD.

Hellraiser straight to DVD movies

Reportedly Revelations became a priority for the studio when it fell into danger of losing the rights to the Hellraiser franchise. In that way you can look at Revelations as a sort of holdover movie until the studio can sort out this theatrical version, which I can only speculate will be as much of a success as other recent revivals of '80s horror properties like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and Piranha 3D.

Unlike some other classic horror properties I'm not too bothered that they're making a new version of Hellraiser. To me it would greatly benefit from modern technology and would work just as well in today's movie going times as it did more than two decades ago. My only concern is that they get the classic horror icon Pinhead right. He's such a great character and pinning (pun intended) his look and presence down to a "T" is absolutely essential if a reboot is ever going to work on the big-screen.

For now, the Hellraiser reboot is stuck in development hell but that doesn't mean it won't ever work its way out sometime in the (near?) future. More on the reboot as news comes out.

Source: Heat Vision

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