Hellraiser: Judgment's New Pinhead Finally Revealed!

Pinhead is looking pretty fearsome in a brand new still from forthcoming horror sequel Hellraiser: Judgment. The original Hellraiser was directed by acclaimed horror novelist Clive Barker, who conjured up a nightmarish world of demons and gore in the film, and introduced viewers to the unforgettable visual of Pinhead himself. Barker was also a hands-on producer with the well-regarded sequel Hellbound but the series took a steady dip in quality from there.

Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth was an attempt to make Pinhead a more commercial horror figure like Freddy or Jason that didn’t quite work. Hellraiser: Bloodline - the last entry Barker had any involvement with - was an ambitious attempt at a prequel/sequel that was hampered by a low budget and troubled production. The series started going straight to video from there, starting with 2000’s Inferno – which was the debut feature of Doctor Strange helmer Scott Derrickson. Judgment will mark the tenth installment of the series.

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Actor Paul T. Taylor takes over the role of Pinhead for Hellraiser: Judgment and a new image from Gore Gab (via Bloody Disgusting) reveals a new look at the fearsome demon. The plotline of Judgment follows a detective tracking down a serial killer - only to find himself on trial for his very soul by a group of nasty demons. Taylor inherits the role from Doug Bradley, who played the iconic monster in the first eight movies.

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