Hellboy Reboot Casts Hemlock Grove Alum As a Witch

Penelope Mitchell has been added to the cast of Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen as a renegade witch who joins forces with the titular hero. Since the casting of David Harbour (Stranger Things) in the lead role for the upcoming Hellboy reboot, things have been moving along at a steady pace. While the movie will exist separately from the original two films, we recently learned that it won't strictly be an origin movie. Instead, it will continue adapting the lore from the comics, introducing characters and organizations that have yet to appear on screen.

Casting for Hellboy has also been ramping up ahead of production, adding a number of intriguing names alongside Harbour. Ian McShane (American Gods) has been cast as Professor Broom, while Milla Jovavich will play the Blood Queen, the main antagonist of the film. For a brief moment, Ed Skrein (Deadpool) was even added to the project before he stepped down after it came to light he'd be playing the Asian-American character Major Ben Daimio. Things haven't slowed, however, as the cast continues to grow.

Deadline is reporting that Penelope Mitchell, best known for The Vampire Diaries and Hemlock Grove, has boarded Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen. She'll tackle the role of Ganeida, an elder witch who turns against Nimue the Blood Queen when her destructive schemes go too far. Likely, Hellboy and his allies will need all the help they can get against the rogue, so Ganeida's assistance will be welcome.

Ganeida played a similar role in 2011's Hellboy: The Fury, so fans can likely look to the arc for some insight into the film. Recently, a report surfaced with possible details for the plot of the new Hellboy film, but they've yet to be confirmed. Still, the rumor hints at a number of characters appearing that have already been cast, such as Alice Monaghan and Daimio. If the report proves true, Merlin, the BPRD, and a several other prominent characters from the comics are yet to be cast.

As casting continues, production should be right around the corner. All of the pieces look to be coming into place for the movie to start shooting later this year, so everything from a synopsis to cast photos to images from the set should begin pouring in over the next few months. When more news breaks regarding Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, we'll let you know.

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Source: Deadline

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