Hellboy Reboot Casts American Honey's Sasha Lane

The Neil Marshall-directed Hellboy reboot continues to round out its ensemble with the addition of American Honey breakout star, Sasha Lane.

Hellboy and American Honey

The Hellboy reboot continues to round out its cast with the newest addition of American Honey star, Sasha Lane. The film has been coming together nicely over the past few months, growing ever since it was originally announced that Lionsgate and Millennium Films were coming together reboot the live-action franchise. Following the casting of Stranger Things star David Harbour as Hellboy and the hiring of The Descent and Game of Thrones director Neil Marshall at the helm, excitement and positivity for the project has been steadily growing amongst the fandom.

Even those who were initially disappointed to learn Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy 3 would never get made, appear to be changing their opinions about the project. That is, no doubt, thanks to the impressive ensemble the film has been assembling for itself over the past few weeks, with the additions of Ian McShane as Professor Broom and Milla Jovovich as the villainous Blood Queen.

Now, THR is reporting that actress Sasha Lane is currently in final negotiations to star in the film. According to the report, Lane will play Alice Monaghan, a character who, in the comics, Hellboy rescues from the fairies that kidnapped her. However, as both Hellboy and she eventually come to realize, Alice winds up retaining some supernatural gifts as a byproduct of her time with the fairies. The film - which does not currently have a theatrical release date - is set to begin filming sometime this September.

While not much is known about the Hellboy reboot outside of a vague plot synopsis, the film is said to be a much darker, R-rated take on Hellboy closer to the world of Mike Mignola's graphic novels than what the del Toro films had translated it as being. Lane's casting as Alice Monaghan also comes just one day after a possible main character line-up from the Hellboy reboot was released yesterday, which mentioned Monaghan being included in the film alongside Hellboy, Abe Sapien, Major Ben Daimio, Baba Yaga the Witch, King Arthur, Merlin, and Grugach.

This news comes just around a year after Lane first broke out onto the scene with Andrea Arnold's divisive American Honey. But while she's no doubt the least known name attached to the film right now, it's worth noting Lane signed on for a multitude of projects following Honey's release last year, including Miseducation of Cameron Post opposite Chloe Moretz and Shotgun with It Follows' Maika Monroe. So just in case it wasn't already clear, Lane's casting in Hellboy just cements the fact that audiences are going to be seeing a lot more of her in the coming years.

Screen Rant will keep you updated on Hellboy as more information becomes available.

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Source: THR

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