When Will The Hellboy Trailer Release?

Hellboy David Harbour Poster Cropped

Fans eagerly awaiting a trailer for the Hellboy reboot are in luck. The official poster was just dropped, and the movie is getting its own panel at New York Comic Con this week, meaning something is surely incoming.

The Right Hand of Doom has a rabid fanbase who have been waiting on his return to the big screen for ten years now. The only question is, how soon can we expect to get our first glimpse of Stranger Things' David Harbour taking over the horned mantle of one of Dark Horse's most iconic characters?

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Considering the fact that this new version of Hellboy wrapped principal photography in late 2017, and was initially due to release in January 2019, a trailer should be ready for our viewing pleasure right now. When the film's presence at the New York Comic Con this Saturday, October 6th is taken into account, its easy to assume that Harbor, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and the rest of the supporting cast in attendance - Ian McShane (Professor Bruttenholm), Sasha Lane (Alice Monaghan) and Daniel Dae Kim (Ben Daimio) - will not only have footage to show, but a fully-formed trailer alongside it.

Hellboy 2019

The first trailer will likely be more of a teaser, introducing the cast and tone of the film, teasing some of the story, and, of course, finally putting David Harbour's Hellboy on full display. The movie doesn't have a massive budget, so don't expect a visual spectacle, but we're deep enough into production that there could be a fair amount of completed effects, especially surrounding the movie's centerpiece, Hellboy himself. With only a couple of images released, the majority of the movie is a big question mark, so the first trailer will be the first taste of everything the movie has to offer.

Of course, the fact that the release date was pushed back to April can also mean that we won't see a trailer release until later, perhaps closer to December and the many big Christmas releases. After all, the studio isn't obligated to release anything at any time other than their schedule. Were the film to be released on time in January of next year, this coming weekend at NYCC would absolutely be the best time to showcase a trailer. That said, with so little even known about the movie, it's about time they start drumming up early hype, and a hugely-attended and well-covered event like New York Comic-Con would be a good place to start.

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Key Release Dates
  • Hellboy (2019) release date: Apr 12, 2019
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