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Hellboy Movie Reboot 2019

Based on the comic book series created by Mike Mignola and published by Dark Horse Comics, Hellboy centers on the adventures of the titular character - a demonic being raised by the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD) to act as humanity's protector against the supernatural and the inexplicable. Guillermo del Toro originally brought Hellboy to the big screen in 2004 and again in 2008's Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Despite being beloved by fans of the original comics and hailed by critics, del Toro's films failed to find success at the box-office and he eventually ended talks to develop Hellboy III. This paved the way for the relaunch of the Hellboy franchise and this upcoming reboot, which will star Stranger Things' David Harbour as Hellboy.

We've collected everything you need to know about Hellboy, from its cast to story details.

  • Movie: Hellboy
  • Release Date: January 11, 2019
  • Cast: Milla Jovovich, David Harbour, Ian McShane, Daniel Dae Kim, Sasha Lane, Penelope Mitchell
  • Director: Neil Marshall
  • Writer: Andrew Cosby

Last Updated: September 6, 2018

David Harbour Has Been Cast As Hellboy

Hellboy David Harbour Reboot

The first major announcement regarding the Hellboy reboot was the casting of its title character. David Harbour, best known for playing the role of Jim Hopper on Stranger Things, was cast in the coveted role. While some are skeptical about the casting, Harbour has won one important endorsement; original Hellboy actor Ron Perlman has given his blessing, describing Harbour as "a good dude."

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Milla Jovovich Will Play Main Villain The Blood Queen

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - Milla Jovovich

The primary villain of the movie will be Nimue - an immortal sorceress known by many titles, including The Lady of The Lake and The Queen of Blood. In the comics, she was the main villain of the Wild Hunt storyline. She will be portrayed by action-movie veteran Milla Jovovich, who is best known for her work in The Fifth Element and the Resident Evil film franchise.

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Ian McShane Will Play Professor Broom

Ian McShane Cast in Hellboy Reboot

In the original comics, Professor Broom was the BPRD member who discovered Hellboy and acted as a foster father to the young demon. Ian McShane - best known for his work on American Gods, Deadwood and the John Wick movies - will be bringing the professor to life in the new film. Little has been said about his role, however, beyond the fact that the relationship between Hellboy and Professor Broom will be more strained than it was in the original films.

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Sasha Lane Will Play Alice Monaghan

Sasha Lane, best known for her role as Star in the movie American Honey, has been cast in the role of Alice Monaghan. In the original Hellboy comics, Alice was abducted by faeries as a baby and rescued by Hellboy. Despite the relatively brief time she spent among the fae, Alice developed some kind of a connection to them. In addition to aging more slowly than an ordinary human, Alice also has the power to see faeries even when they are using their magic to hide from mortal eyes.

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Penelope Mitchell Cast As Ganeida

Best known for her reoccurring roles in The Vampire Diaries and Hemlock Grove, actress Penelope Mitchell has been cast as Ganeida - a renegade witch who will join forces with Hellboy to fight against The Blood Queen and her wicked plans for humanity. Her role seems to have been expanded from the original comics, where Ganeida was a minor character.

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Daniel Dae Kim Cast As Major Ben Daimio

Hawaii Five-0 Daniel Dae Kim

A highly decorated member of the USMC who returned to life after being declared legally dead, Major Benjamin Daimio was originally reassigned to Pentagon Special Ops before becoming a consultant to the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. He would later enlist in the BRPD, becoming a Field Team Commander before it was discovered that he was host to a powerful entity. Former LOST and Hawaii-Five-O star Daniel Dae Kim was cast in the role after some controversy when actor Ed Skrein was originally cast in the part. Skrein stepped-down and apologized for the accidental white-washing, having accepted the role not knowing that the character from the comics was of Japanese ancestry.

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The Story Of Hellboy (2019)

Details regarding the specific plot and story of the Hellboy reboot have been few and far between. Based on the cast of characters announced, however, we can conclude that the story will be largely based upon the comic book storyline The Wild Hunt. The original story in the comics saw Hellboy summoned to Ireland by Alice Monaghan and eventually facing Nimue, The Blood Queen, in a tale that drew upon both Arthurian legend and Celtic mythology.  Apparently, Professor Broom and Major Daimio will be along for the ride in the cinematic adaption.

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David Harbour's Hellboy Look

The first (and so far only) image from the film reveals David Harbour in his full Hellboy make-up. To say that the make-up artists and costuming crew have nailed the character's appearance from the comics would be an understatement. All in all, this is a good sign for the movie as a whole and it is hoped that the rest of the cast will receive similar care.

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 It Will Be Unconnected To The Previous Hellboy Films

Originally, the plan had been to continue making Hellboy movies as if they were part of the same continuity after Guillermo del Toro left, much like how Batman Forever was considered to be in the same reality as Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns. It was later decided, however, to make a clean sweep of things and reboot the franchise so that all of the artists involved would feel free to tackle the material in their own ways rather than trying to emulate what had come before.

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Hellboy Will Draw More Deeply From The Original Comics

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola has said that he will have a more hands-on role in the production of the reboot. While he did work with Guillermo del Toro on the first two movies, Mignola largely consulted on general questions and trusted del Toro (who had been his friend for six years at that point) to do a good job without his supervision. This time, Mignola offered more direct suggestions on the screenplay and approved the early concept art.

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A Hellboy Cinematic Universe Is Being Planned

Hellboy Board Game

The original Hellboy movies had been structured in such a way as to leave multiple avenues for spin-offs and sequels. A solo movie for Abe Sapien was planned but ultimately fell through. Based on what little is known of the reboot's script, it seems that it is taking a similar tact, with characters from the BPRD comics being brought into this movie who were not involved in the original comic book storyline, in the hopes of suggesting a larger universe that can be explored in future films.

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The Helllboy Reboot Is Aiming For An R Rating

Hellboy Comic

From the moment it was first announced, it has been known that the producers of the Hellboy reboot were aiming for an R rating. David Harbour has gone on record as saying the finished film will be far closer in tone to a horror film than a typical superhero movie, describing it as "darker" and "more gruesome." Harbour also confirmed that the movie will deal with mature themes.

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Neil Marshall Will Direct The Hellboy Reboot

Matt Ryan as John Constantine

Best known for his work as a director on Game of Thrones and Westworld, Neil Marshall was an inspired choice to direct the Hellboy reboot. A British director who got his start with horror movies like Dog Soldiers and The Descent, Marshall has become more famous in recent years for his television work. Still, Marshall has experience in adapting horror comic books into live-action, having directed two episodes of the short-lived Constantine television series, including the original pilot.

The Hellboy Reboot's Screenwriter Is Andrew Cosby

Eureka Cast Photo

Andrew Cosby, the writer of the screenplay for the Hellboy reboot, has extensive experience writing stories about an odd assemblage of heroes fighting unusual threats. Cosby was the creator of Eureka - a long-running Syfy Channel series about a US Marshall assigned to police a secret town full of super-geniuses, whose weird inventions often led to unintended consequences. Ignoring that this concept is not so different from the BPRD in the Hellboy comics, Cosby was also the mind behind a supernatural series called Haunted - which centered on a detective with the power to talk to the ghosts of murder victims - which also shares some spiritual similarities to the core concept of Hellboy.

Hellboy Does Not Have a Trailer Yet

There's no trailer for Hellboy available yet. We'll be sure to update this page as soon as a trailer becomes available.

Hellboy Does Not Have A Poster Yet

Lionsgate has yet to unveil an official poster for Hellboy. We'll update this page when a poster becomes available.

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