What David Harbour Could Look Like As Hellboy

Artist BossLogic has unveiled his latest piece - this one imagining what Stranger Things star David Harbour would look like as Hellboy. Earlier this week, fans of the character were surprised to learn that an R-rated film reboot was in development, with Game of Thrones director Neil Marshall calling the shots. It was disappointing that the original creative team of Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman had been replaced after two cult favorite features, but there are plenty of reasons to be excited about this new interpretation. Jumping on the latest trend, the new Hellboy (operating under the working title Rise of the Blood Queen) is being designed as a gruesome horror film that's darker than its predecessors.

The debate about whether or not Harbour can truly replace Perlman will rage on until at least the first trailer is released, though the actor certainly reads as a strong fit for the role thanks to his physical presence and appearance. Since the project is so early in development, it will likely be a while before audiences get to see an official look at Harbour in costume. Until then, fans will have to use their imagination, as BossLogic has done with some new art.

Released as an exclusive to Comic Book, BossLogic renders Harbour as the big red guy, showing the veteran thespian at the very least looks the part to a t. You can check it out for yourself in the space below:

Hellboy has one of the more distinct looks in all of comics, something that's truly captured in this drawing. If the film version bears a close resemblance to this, then fans will most likely be happy with the results when the movie comes out. It will be difficult for some to envision anyone other than Perlman in the role, though Harbour certainly doesn't look out of place in Hellboy's unique get-up, suggesting he was a great choice for the reboot. He's earned a sizable following thanks to his exemplary character work in films and television, so it is nice to see him get a big break and lead a potential series of his own. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, but right now it's best to give Harbour the benefit of the doubt and have faith in him to do the material justice.

Harbour definitely seems excited by the opportunity, taking to Twitter to comment on his casting shortly after Rise of the Blood Queen was announced. That enthusiasm isn't misplaced, since the reboot looks to be set up for success. In the last few years, R-rated comic book adaptations have become en vogue, turning even supposedly niche works like Deadpool and Kingsman: The Secret Service into hits. If the new Hellboy is handled properly, it could join the growing list of adult-orientated superhero flicks that find an audience. The pieces are in place, it's just up to the filmmakers to make it happen.

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Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen has no release date as of this writing. We'll keep you updated on the latest information.

Source: Comic Book

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