Hellboy Board Game Kickstarter Coming

Hellboy Board Game

Hellboy has had plenty of adaptations over the years, and it's now been confirmed that the comic is going to get its very own board game. The Dark Horse property has been the subject of movies, video games, and short stories, with Guillermo del Toro's 2004 and 2008 films proving exactly how well the titular character can work outside of comic books.

At the moment, of course, many eyes are on the new movie based on Hellboy that is in the works. According to David Harbour, who will play Hellboy in this adaptation, the film is going to be a "dark and scary" monster movie, which is bound to intrigue fans of the character. With the movie set to release in 2019, however, there's still a bit of a wait on for Hellboy readers to see what this new film will be like.

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Alongside this, it looks like Hellboy is going to be turned into a board game. As reported by CBR, UK-based miniature and board game publisher Mantic Games has confirmed that it has an agreement in place with Dark Horse Comics to make a tabletop game based on the Hellboy universe. Mantic Games CEO Ronnie Renton stated that the comic will act as a "fantastic foundation" on which to create a board game, citing that it will play through some of the "favourite moments" of the series.

Although full details on the game have not yet been released, according to Mantic Games it will act as a "co-operative experience" with a set of pre-assembled plastic miniatures based on characters from the comic. The game will be playable by up to four people, including such beloved characters as Abe Sapien and Roger the Homunculus, and will see players fighting some of the most famous villains from the Hellboy comics.

At the moment, the board game's full release date has not been confirmed, but it is expected to hit Kickstarter in April of this year. Given Mantic Games' experience with other tabletop games, hopefully Hellboy fans will be feeling cautiously optimistic about the adaptation. After all, this isn't the only time that Mantic Games has created a board game based on an acclaimed comic, after previously releasing The Walking Dead: All Out War.

From the looks of it, the next couple of years are going to be very Hellboy-heavy, which will certainly be appreciated by the comic's readership. As the new movie is shaping up well, with Guillermo del Toro giving new casting David Harbour his blessing and production going smoothly so far, here's hoping that all Hellboy adaptations prove successful.

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Source: CBR

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