Movie News Wrap Up: January 15th 2013

Warner Bros Superman Court Victory

This week:

Workaholics has been picked up for seasons 4 and 5; Sony Pictures Classics will distribute Woody Allen's next film; Guillermo del Toro discusses the likelihood of a Hellboy 3; The first image from Michael Fassbender in Frank; Jurassic Park's 3D re-release will include a short IMAX run; and Warner Bros. notches another court room victory in their ongoing Superman copyright battle.


Alongside their announcement that popular web series Drunk History was coming to their network, Comedy Central also revealed they had picked up Workaholics for season numbers 4 and 5.

Workaholics Renewed for Seasons 4 and 5

The two season order will comprise 26 episodes in total (presumably 13 per season) and comes only a few days before season 3 of Workaholics returns for two more episodes. Though Comedy Central, as of late, has been fostering many of their comedic talent from within – acts like Anthony Jeselnik, Jeff Ross, and Amy Shumer – they are also making a concerted effort to promote unique talents across the board.

Workaholics season 3 returns Wednesday January 16th on Comedy Central.

Source: Deadline


Sony Pictures Classics announced they have acquired the rights to distribute Blue Jasmine, the forthcoming new film from iconic director Woody Allen, in North America.

Sony Distributing Woody Allen Film Blue Jasmine

Said to be about "the final stages of an acute crisis and a life of a fashionable New York housewife," the film boasts another stunning ensemble cast, featuring Alec Baldwin, Louis CK, and Cate Blanchett. Aside from that, not much is known about Blue Jasmine.

After delighting critics and audiences with Midnight in Paris, Allen then delivered the comedy To Rome With Love, which didn't go over quite as well as Midnight. Here's hoping that Rome was just a slight lull and that Blue Jasmine is another crowd pleaser.

Source: Coming Soon


Director Guillermo del Toro already has plenty of film projects lined up (both potential and probable) but fans are still hopeful that he might one day deliver a third Hellboy film someday.

Del Toro Talks Hellboy 3

Unfortunately, according to del Toro, it's going to take substantial studio backing in order for that to happen. While doing press for the horror film Mama (which del Toro produced), the director revealed there is a concept, but it's an expensive one, and would therefore need to exceed its predecessors in the box office to be profitable.

"A couple of weeks ago or months ago, I did make a couple of phone calls to test, to gage the possibility of doing that because it’s a big movie. There’s no takers for a movie of that size. The two movies made their money back and a little bit. They were financially good, but one was fifty and the other one was eighty, eighty five. This is a hundred and forty. So no one wants to do that leap, from the financial side. So unless we find a way to do the mother of all kick starters."

We're not counting out the possibility of Hellboy 3 just yet, but as of right now it doesn't appear like it will happen any time soon. On the other hand, del Toro is bound to be a hot commodity for a while to come, especially if Pacific Rim is a hit.

Source: Latino Review


The first official image from Michael Fassbender's new film Frank has been released, although you'd be hard pressed to realize the actor is involved - at least based on the single image below.

First Image Michael Fassbender Film Frank

Yes, that's Fassbender inside the goofy head as the title character Frank, the enigmatic leader of a group of pop musicians. Flanking the Prometheus star are Maggie Gyllenhaal, who plays Frank's "sidekick" Clara, and Domhnall Gleeson (Anna Karenina), who plays Jon.

Frank is said to be loosely based on the experiences of Jon Ronson as he encountered real-life enigmatic musicians like Daniel Johnston, Captain Beefheart, and comedian/musician Chris Sievey. Frank began production in New Mexico this past week with Lenny Abrahamson at the helm.

Source: Coming Soon


Alongside the re-release of Jurassic Park in 3D will be a short, one week IMAX run for die-hard fans to experience giant dinosaurs on a giant screen.

Jurassic Park IMAX Release

The one-week IMAX 3D release will begin on April 5th, the same day the film re-releases in 3D. It is important to note, if it wasn't already obvious, that the 3D and any IMAX upgrades for the film's re-release are both post-conversion jobs -  so don't expect an experience akin to Dark Knight Rises or Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Still, getting to see some of Spielberg's iconic shots and sequences on the largest screen possible does have its draws.


Warner Bros. has just won yet another landmark victory in their ongoing struggle to retain the rights to Superman - at least for the foreseeable future.

Warner Bros Superman Court Victory

Though the studio has already won several cases against heirs to the Superman legacy, namely the surviving relatives of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel, they have also had to contend with the heirs on Joseph Shuster's side as well. Thankfully, at least for Superman fans, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal ruled in Warner Bros.' favor this past Thursday.

Sparing readers the legal jargon, the main thing to focus on is that Warner Bros. now can tell future Superman stories, after this year's Man of Steel, with fewer legal headaches.

Source: Variety

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