Ron Perlman 'More Than Happy' To Make Hellboy 3

Ron Perlman in Hellboy 3 Movie

Guillermo del Toro somehow managed to create the perfect live-action adaptations of Mike Mignola's lovable red demon in Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Even more impressive is how one of Hollywood's hardest working actors, Ron Perlman, brought to life the title character whose true name is Anung Un Rama.

Both Hellboy and its sequel were well-received by critics, loved by fans and did well at the box office, considering their budgets, casts and the lack of mainstream knowledge of the comics for which they are based on. The only question we've all wondered for the last two years is when Hellboy 3 is coming and whether del Toro and the franchise's unique poster boy, Ron Perlman, will be back.

The last we heard from Guillermo del Toro, back in the summer after he dropped out of The Hobbit, was that he was absolutely wants to do Hellboy 3 but that he is very hesitant about serving the fate of Hellboy and concluding the trilogy. He's also one of the busiest men in Hollywood, having a large line-up of upcoming projects on his schedule, and he's also playing in the video game industry with his upcoming horror title, inSane.

As for star Ron Perlman, Yahoo interviewed the veteran talent while he was working the press rounds for his role in Nicolas Cage's Season of the Witch and managed to squeeze in a few questions about Hellboy 3. To start, Yahoo touches on Perlman's consistent ability to play strong supporting characters instead of the lead, but that in Hellboy - with heavy prosthetics, no less - he's the star. What was that experience like for him?

"I felt a little bit of pressure when we were setting out to do Hellboy I, which completely dissipated the moment we all walked on to the set. It's really hard to feel pressure when you're around (Mexican director) Guillermo (del Toro), because he makes for a set where it's okay to be stupid, it's okay to do things that are absolutely wrong."

Is Hellboy 3 happening?

"I think he (del Toro) is moving in another direction, so if there's another one to be made I'm not sure what his input would be. I would be more than happy to make a third one. He would have to be involved on some level, because he always thought of it as a trilogy ... The take that Guillermo had on finishing the trilogy was epic, and if it doesn't get made it would be unfortunate because it was always designed to have this big finish and I would love to see it being filmed."

If Columbia Pictures pushes forward with a third Hellboy installment, there's no doubt that del Toro would be involved in one way or another. He's passionate about the character and fans can agree that it's essential to have him help close out the story. If not directing, he would certainly produce and help structure the story.

While at the moment there is no movement on another Hellboy, Perlman still believes there's a chance del Toro would come back for Hellboy 3. I hope both are back and that the trilogy is concluded by them.

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Source: Yahoo

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