Hellboy Trailer Breakdown: 25 Story Reveals & Secrets You Missed

Hellboy Trailer Breakdown 2

The first trailer for Hellboy offers audiences a proper glimpse at the highly-anticipated cinematic reboot of the classic Dark Horse Comics series. Created by Mike Mignola, Hellboy centers around the adventures of a demon who was raised by a clandestine government agency (The B.P.R.D. - Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) who are tasked with defending the world against paranormal menaces and trained to be a living weapon against the forces of darkness.

The 2019 Hellboy film is largely based upon a story from the comics, The Wild Hunt, and will be truer to the comics in terms of its script and appearance, according to Mike Mignola, who has taken a more hands-on approach to this film than he did the previous Hellboy movies.

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The Hellboy trailer is full of subtle nods to the original comics that Hellboy devotees are sure to appreciate. The lengthy teaser also provides a look at all of the major players in the film and offers a taste of the action to come. Find out the story secrets and more in our Hellboy breakdown.

25. The Forever War

Hellboy The Forever War

The Hellboy trailer opens on an ominous note as we see two figures in the distance, walking through a dimly lit cave. We then hear two voices. The first describes a warning that something was coming. The second talks about a "forever war" and how any hope of it ending lies in the "strong right hand" of the person he's speaking to. Presumably both speakers are referring to Hellboy, who is a figure of prophecy in the comics.

24. Excalibur

Hellboy Excalibur

It doesn't take a degree in Celtic mythology to guess the identity of the sword in this stone, which Hellboy discovers in a half-flooded underground cave. The sword is Excalibur - the legendary sword of King Arthur. Hellboy briefly wielded Excalibur in the comics while facing the forces of Nimue, The Blood Queen. This would seem to confirm that he will do the same in the film.

23. Demons In The Sky

Hellboy Demons In The Sky

The Hellboy trailer then treats us to this breath-taking image of several winged figures flying over what appears to be a British museum. Presumably, these are demons of some kind, as the creatures look like fallen angels (i.e. winged humanoids) and they are definitely hostile to the humans on the street.

22. Hellboy Is On The Side Of Humanity

Hellboy Nearly Gets Shot By His Allies Hellboy 2019

The trailer makes it clear to those who aren't familiar with the previous films and comics that Hellboy is on the side of humanity, despite his demonic appearance. This is made clear when one of the SWAT officers forming a perimeter around the museum reflexively takes a shot at Big Red. This leads to Hellboy angrily shouting "I'm on your side!"

21. Ian McShane as Professor Broom

Ian McShane in Hellboy

The Hellboy trailer goes on to show Ian McShane in the role of Professor Broom - the BPRD member who first discovered Hellboy as an infant and acted as a foster father to the boy. Their relationship is far from that of a loving father and son, however, as Hellboy later notes that his "father" got him guns instead of Legos.

20. The Secret Base In London

Hellboy secret headquarters

Much like the MI6 of James Bondthe BPRD apparently maintains secret bases behind false store-fronts in the middle of major urban areas. In this case, we see Hellboy and company attempting to access a secret base hidden within a fish and chips shop called Codswallop. There's a rather brilliant pun here Americans might not get, as Codswallop - while sounding like the name of a fish restaurant - is a British slang term meaning "nonsense." That is also a fair description of what most people would consider the business of the BPRD.

19. BPRD - Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense

Hellboy BPRD Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense Logo on HQ Floor

The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense is officially called out a moment later. We see the emblem of the BPRD - a fist gripping a sword enclosed in a circle with the organization's name - painted on the floor of the secret base. This will be a familiar sight to fans of the Hellboy and BPRD comics.

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  • Hellboy (2019) release date: Apr 12, 2019
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