Will Hellboy 2019 Get A Sequel? Here's Everything We Know

WARNING: Spoilers for Hellboy.

Will the Hellboy revamp starring David Harbour see a sequel, what will its story be about and when will it be released? Here are all the answers to your pressing questions regarding a follow-up film to the 2019 Hellboy movie.

Based on the popular series by Dark Horse Comics, Hellboy tells the tale of a baby demon destined to bring about the end of the world, who is raised to become humanity's first line of defense against the supernatural. The Hellboy comics were adapted for film twice previously by Guillermo del Toro and were moderately successful, developing a devout cult following. However, with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola taking a more active role in the development process and a story that was taken directly from the original comics, hopes were high that the new Hellboy movie might be the start of a successful franchise akin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Sadly, those hopes for Hellboy 2 seem to have been crushed in the face of a lackluster opening weekend at the box office and an overwhelmingly negative response from critics and audiences alike. Despite this, the movie did end with several potential avenues for follow-up films, ignoring the wide variety of stories from the comics just waiting to be adapted. Here is everything we know about a potential Hellboy sequel.

Hellboy's Ending & Post-Credits Scenes Set Up A Sequel

Hellboy - David Harbour, Daniel Dae Kim and Sasha Laine as Hellboy Major Ben Daimio and Alice

The final scene of Hellboy introduces the character of Abe Sapien - a fish-man who was a major character in the BPRD comics and the del Toro Hellboy movies. The Hellboy post-credits scenes go on to introduce the ghost of Lobster Johnson (a costumed vigilante who appears in a flashback earlier in the film) and an immortal warrior known as Koshchei the Deathless. Introducing these three characters into the new cinematic Hellboy universe clears the path for several stories from the comics to be adapted, in the same way that The Wild Hunt storyline formed the basis for most of Hellboy's script.

A Hellboy Sequel Is Unlikely After The Movie Bombed

Hellboy Brutal Reviews

Despite all the preparations that were made for follow-up films, it seems highly unlikely that the 2019 Hellboy movie will ever see a sequel. The movie was torn apart by critics, who described the film as "horrible" and "a chore to sit through." Audiences were equally unimpressed, with the film earning far less than its projected opening-weekend pay-out of $16-20 million. That marks the $50 million Hellboy reboot as a bomb by any reasonable standard.

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When Could A Hellboy 2 Release?

Hellboy - Hellboy in the Osiris Club

Assuming that Lionsgate continues to maintain faith in the franchise, the soonest we might expect to see a Hellboy 2 would be sometime in 2021. A two-year turn-around time is typical on a movie of this sort, so any announcement regarding a sequel would have to be confirmed quickly to stay within that threshold. Given the introduction of Koshchei the Deathless, it seems likely the sequel would be based on the graphic novel Darkness Falls, which saw Hellboy trapped in the world of Russian mythology by the witch Baba Yaga and forced to fight her servants, including Koshchei. Sadly, given the reception to Hellboy, it appears that Big Red is doomed to be cast back into the cinematic Pit rather than headline a major superhero franchise.

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